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2017: The Year of the Rooster – What does it have in store for us?


We’re about to move from the 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey (a year of mischief and surprise endings) to the 2017 Chinese Year of the Rooster (a year of early starts and new beginnings).

The Rooster Year 2017

Here’s what the Astrology Club says about the coming year:

“Consider a Rooster in a barnyard, protecting his hens and strutting his stuff. Well, that’s about it. The Year of the Rooster will be a year that the most vital promise made will result in a flawless job no matter what it takes to achieve it.

It will be a year when it is truly better to do less, but do it perfectly.

The year of the Rooster teaches the lessons of order, scrutiny and strategic planning. The sage advice of Sun-Zi which is still taught in modern military circles, advises one to “achieve psychological advantage over the adversary and use force only as a last resort.”

Roosters are also communal birds. That is why year of the Rooster 2017 predictions promises to be a lucky one for joint ventures. The chinese astrology suggests signing as many business contracts as possible and form new partnerships in the upcoming year.

But a word of warning: General confidence may lead to new and daring ventures. The year of the Rooster 2017 heralds happiness, color and drama, but this has to be balanced with good old fashioned common sense and tried and tested values. Otherwise it could end up becoming a wild goose chase.

The motto for the year of the Rooster 2017 should be ‘Kiss: Keep It Simple Stupid’ and don’t take offense at the slightest provocation.

There’s a Chinese saying, ‘If you take a step back, you will find the sea and the sky is boundless.’ Remember, good values never go out of style, no matter how hard it may seem to apply them. He who dares will have plenty to crow about in the end, with the pockets none too light at that – a perfect challenge for the rooster in all of us.”

So there you have it – Time to switch monkeying around with a daily rhythm to rule the roost.

The rooster is the first creature to awake in the morning and wakes up the others with crowing.

Time to get up and get on with it.

“A rooster crows when it sees the light. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” ~ Muhammad Ali

(But as the Chinese New Year only begins on Jan 28th, there’s still time for the 2016 Monkey’s last tricks so be prepared!)

Courtesy: Roger James Hamilton

Read more at http://astrologyclub.org/chinese-horoscope/2017-year-rooster

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