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Things to Do in Kisumu this December Holiday


Kisumu City is turning out to be a destination for events this past years. Actually, this year alone the city has hosted a litany of mega events, and continues to do so still, even as the year is coming to a close. Events both private have been hosted, to birthdays for kids attracting major news headlines within the boundaries of country 254.

From Luo Festival to Elegant’s Modeling’s “Plus Size Fashion Show”, not forgetting Kisumu Fashion Week, the city has continued to attract both entertainers and fashionistas.

It’s a fact that Events actually Create Destinations, and Kisumu City has lived true to this code.

To start us:

Kingdom Under Siege: Dec 4, 2016

kingdom-under-siege1Is a theatrical music play that is organized by Laser Arts Ensemble. Laser Arts as popularly known are the real deal when it comes to theater in this city. They have hosted numerous plays in the last 3 years. Names of plays like, Landlord on Strike, Twisted Love, Confessions of Okongo, Kisumu Made in China, easily come to mind. These have been rib-cracking top of the world plays done by Kisumu’s own thespians.

Tomorrow Dec 4, 2016, Laser Arts are again hosting you to the play Kingdom Under Siege  at the Planet Media Cinemas, beginning 4pm. It’s a theatrical play fused with music, poem, dance and drums. It’s said that even the strongest and wisest men bows under the heavyweight of love. You are all welcome to see this unfold.

Amazing Kisumu Fashion Festival, AKFF2016: Dec 8-10, 2016


poster3We are hosting you to a premier edition of a fashion festival in the great lakeside City of Kisumu. The fashion festival is bringing together a host of fashionpreneurs, designers and fashion shows. There will be two days of fashion exhibitions, where Kisumu Community will be treated to great bargains on clothing, jewelry, shoes, toys, decorations, beauty products among others.

This event will be hosted at the Tuffoam Mall.

And on the last day – Dec 10, there will be two fashion shows: A Kids Fashion Show during the day, from 12pm-5pm, headlined by Kisumu Kids Fashion Week and at night beginning 7pm-11pm an Adults Fashion Show headlined by Delan Models.

This is an event to look forward to, for great early Christmas gift ideas and purchases 🙂

People of the Nile Festival: Dec 9-11, 2016

ponThis festival presents a powerful platform for a rich cultural exchange amongst the people of the ten countries that border River Nile. These countries not only share the waters of this timeless lifeline, but also share the enormous responsibility of managing and protecting their interdependent eco-systems and creating harmony among its citizens.

Music and art have a lot of leverage in changing the nature of national conversations. The People of the Nile Festival promises a great musical experience, an engaging cultural platform intertwined with merry making and a continuing regional dialogue for the sustainability of the Nile.

This festival will be happening at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground and at the Impala Sanctuary in Kisumu.

Kisumu Kids Camp: Dec 13-18, 2016


Kids Camp

Hosted by the premier children-centric talents development agency in Kisumu – Angels of Sunset.

This camp targets kids between the ages of 3-17 years and they will be trained on money (how to save, budget, and making extra cash and developing a business investment). We will also train on arts, music, modelling, dance and poetry. We also have professionals coming to train kids on health, communication skills, time management, and team work.

On the last day of the event, the kids will showcase what they have been taught for the five days. This event will be done at the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya grounds in Milimani.

To bring your kid to this camp, call 0725316787

Dala Fest: Dec 17-18, 2016

dalafest1Now in the fifth year, DALA FEST is a bold and comprehensive approach at Luo culture in the African community and especially the Kenyan community in Kisumu county. On this day we celebrate our freedom, we reflect on the past, the gains of yesterday through today’s eyes with the purpose of awareness, education and bringing into fore this wins through art and culture.

The dates are 17th and 18th of December 2016, at Tom Mboya Labour College.

We seek to showcase the Luo Culture to the community, to the youth who have lost their cultural pride, to the nation to show the diverseness of our culture and to the world.

The goal of Dala Fest is to sustainably create and support the growth of the creative industry to grow and become a recognized and revenue-generating project. This will directly support the Luo Heritage Forum (LHF) to document the Luo culture through music, photography, writing, film and dance.

A key goal of LHF in this respect is to contribute to the re-introduction of the cultural arts into schools, colleges, and our families with a focus on cultural appreciation and growth.

DALA FEST promises an experience like no other for both young and the old.

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