November 8th, marked the day that the Americans were electing their president. And as the various states cast their ballots, a mock-election held at the outgoing President Obama’s ancestral home of Kogello, were also having a field day routing Trump in a voting process that was made popular during the hey days of President Moi, famously called Mlolongo system. Here, the prospective candidates boxes are placed at the front, and then the voters would line up.

People lining up to vote at Kogello Village, Siaya, kenya
People lining up to vote at Kogello Village, Siaya, kenya

The people lining up would be manually counted, and the winner would then be visibly seen by all and sundry. It is the most undemocratic way of election, meaning one would feel intimidated and even afraid to be seen standing behind a losing candidate.

Guess what, this was Kenya then.

Vote for me. Trump vs Hillary
Vote for me. Trump vs Hillary
Line up to vote
Line up to vote

The votes results were as below:

  • Hillary Clinton 79 votes
  • Donald Trump 11

However, this prediction for a Hillary win, was not to be. As the current standings show that Trump has already passed the 270 electoral votes map.

Standings as at 11.15am EAT

And as Trump says, seems its all gonna be MAGA – Make America Great Again 🙂

Congratulations the 45th president of the United States of America – Donald Trump

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