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Poem: Too Many Thoughts


By @AkelloObimo

My head hurt, too may thoughts,

Bumping, pushing and probing in my brain,

I could feel the blood rushing in response.

My ears rung… Deafened by my scream..

Oh, was that my scream?….

Wrenching the strength out of me.. Twas like a loud noise had settled over my being

Blood oozed out of my ears…. Running down the side of my face and onto my shoulders..

My lips must have torn at the sides…

Mucus  and more blood ran out of my nose…

They weren’t my thoughts.. That much I knew.. I could feel a presence in my head walking around, poking and prodding,

Dread and horror pierced through my veins..oh what pain… Was this death?  No, I knew it…

A shadow fell over my body.. Lying limp on the ground..

Where was i? What had happened??

Cold hands locked around my neck as if to throttle me..

I screamed…. I did, didn’t I?

No, my voice…

A rough and cruel laughter sounded so far yet so close… The shadow shook.. It must be it, laughing at me.

I struggled to gain control of my body, my senses… But iron like fingers gripped my chest. So hard now I couldn’t breathe at all…

I felt my eyes bulge in my head.. I felt my brain wretch as though to explode..

The war within.. Threatening to destroy me….

I fought with all my will.. My faith holding on.. And then… When I really couldn’t push harder..when I had given my all… When I was sure …. A sharp pain drew into my gut… and there was silence…. Still I could hear, see and smell.. But there was silence… Where was I?

Tell mee….


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