Parenting is an Art not a Job

Children are parents treasure and their most precious gift on this land. They must have seen the world lesser than you but they see it in a different way which you need to appreciate. Listen to them and try giving them as much time as you can. These moments are more precious than anything in this world.

Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

What a happy family
What a happy family

Below are 27 ways to show respect to your children and to know them in a better way.

  1. Put away your phone in their presence.
  2. Pay attention to what they are saying.
  3. Accept their opinions and point of view.
  4. Engage in their conversations.
  5. Look at them with respect.
  6. Always praise them.
  7. Share good news with them.
  8. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.
  9. Keep in remembrance the good things they did.
  10. If they repeat a story, listen like it’s the first time they tell it.
  11. Don’t bring up painful memories from the past.
  12. Avoid side conversations in their presence.
  13. Don’t belittle/criticize their opinions and thoughts.
  14. Respect their age.
  15. Avoid cutting them off when they speak.
  16. Give them the power of leadership when they are present.
  17. Avoid raising your voice at them.
  18. Avoid walking in front or ahead of them.
  19. Fill them with your appreciation even when they don’t think they deserve it. (Most Imp. one)
  20. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them.
  21. Don’t speak ill of them to the point where others speak ill of them too.
  22. Keep them in your prayers as much as possible.
  23. Avoid seeming bored or tired of them in their presence.
  24. Avoid laughing at their faults / mistakes.
  25. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them.
  26. Call them by names they like.
  27. Make them your priority above anything and everything.
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