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Cry of a Woman: Machete Wielding Gangs Terrorizing Us in Lolwe Estate

Calling on all Lolwe residents!!! This is going to be you if you don’t do anything about thugs in your neighborhood. Half of the people we know live in Lolwe…someone tell someone living in Lolwe security begins with them!!!

I am the lady who was attacked, who was calling the name ‘Peter’. Peter is my husband and had just returned into the house when the attacker struck. I will not give much detail now, lest I jeopardize the investigation, but as Paul Achayo puts it, indeed a joint effort is needed to curb such occurrences.


Cuts in my hands and fingers

My husband and I have, for the past three years, been trying to get Lolwe estate together through an initiative called ‘Lolwe Neighborhood Network Database’. My husband created a website hosted at www.lolweneighbours.webs.com and a database to connect neighbors and get them to be united and stop such thuggery, but our efforts have always been frowned upon. Whenever we stood at the Lolwe estate gate with flyers handing out to residents, some with cars would roll up their windows and ignore us. Some would throw the flyers barely 20 metres from where we were.

Our initiative has always been meant to empower neighbours to be each other’s keeper, to have their pouch lights on, and just to make the neighborhood safe for all of us, – sadly that has never been. We have always voluntered our resources for the Neighborhood Network, and never asked anyone for any money, and never will, for we just want to give back and be neighbourly in our own small way.

How strange then that I who have always fronted for safety in my neighborhood, and the get to know your Neighbour gets to be attacked barely 30 metres from my house! I had already entered the vehicle that had come for me that early morning, and the driver had ignited the vehicle and we were just about to depart, when the attack happened.

The fellow who attacked me was brazen in his assault, slashing me severely even as I screamed for my husband to come to my aid. On recreation, we estimate it took my husband Andora Ptar Krugen De roughly 10 seconds to get to the scene, and not 15 minutes as earlier reported (I would have been long dead then), and the attacker fled on spotting his approach, as he was blowing a whistle. Peter gave chase, but he abandoned it when I called back at him to take me to the hospital because he seemed unaware of the extent of my injuries.

Had the neighborhood come to my aid, or just even my immediate neighbours, the number would have been sufficient to ensure my attacker was nabbed and some would have taken me to the hospital. Sadly, all most of those who heard my cry and woke up did nothing but peer from their windows. It is a vicious society we have, where every man is for himself. I thank God I escaped with only cuts, because it was my life that was at stake in the attack. What happened to me need be the last that will happen to a resident of Lolwe estate, but it will be so if only we can unite and speak with one voice.

Be safe 🙁

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