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Kisumu Music Queen – Nahna is set to launch her New Video ‘Paro’ in Style


The multi-talented award winning songbird Nahna has proved once again why she is a lyrical genius thanks to her new hit ‘Paro’.

‘Paro’, loosely translated in English as Remember, is about two lovers who grew up knowing they would end up together as husband and wife.

The song revisits how their parents and relatives were against their relationship thus the title ‘Paro’ but they stood by each other through thick and thin and ended up marrying.

The video by Crizo Mzeyah tells the story of the two lovebirds vividly. Its simplicity gives it that realism that misses in most videos produced locally.


Ulopa Ngoma does justice on the smooth catchy dholuo lyrics by Nahna. This is the kind of song you will want to replay over and over again.

Nahna is also known for other hits as “K Town” featuring another Kisumu female rapper Needah and “Kila Mtu Ako Juu Kivyake” which she did with artists as Shamir, Gabiro, Keevan and Mc Elem.

The launch is scheduled to happen at the Imperial Hotel this Saturday September 24th 2016, and the members of the public are invited to come witness this event at a fee of only KShs 300.

The songbird promises to live to her billing as the best female artist in the region 🙂

~ via TVC

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