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Kondele: The Alternative Economic Hub of Kisumu?

Kondele is one of the main economic hubs of Kisumu City.

Kondele is one estate/point/location in the city that drives the economy; it has all the businesses a town/city has in different locations all at one point.

Kondele can secede and become its own town, get an MCA or chief to run it, and it will still overtake Kisumu as a whole. Oh, it however, has an MCA.


An aerial view of Kondele – A Tonny Hill Pix

What makes Kondele the engine of Kisumu’s economy?

It has to be noted that the middle class people in the society are the ones who define the economy. Kondele is full of small businesses that run 24/7, and the businesses are of diverse nature. If you can trace back to 10 years ago, it will occur to you that Kondele was the only place that made coffins. Coffins, however much they are associated with darkness, is a business that can be categorized as has a high market, or rather, a thriving business. People die every day, coffins are sold every day.

But now however, it has grown into a full-blown business-centro of the city. Everything sells here. Every service is provided here. It’s the certified 24-hour heartbeat economy of Kisumu County.

With the street lights currently installed along the newly upgraded road, business will flourish even further. The floodlights already working have even helped improve security cases, which have now gone down.

You can always tell a well off city by the number of pubs and bars present in the area. Kondele as an estate may probably have more pubs and bars than the CBD, Milimani, Polyview, Lolwe and Kenya Re all put together. This only means that there is an easy flow of money, entertainment is mostly considered when money is available- I did not mention that they open 24/7.

Kondele has been called a sex den, prostitutes’ home and many other names.

What is a pub or bar without call girls/prostitutes hanging around the area?

I cannot find a more accurate name, it is just that anything that deals with prostitution never has a good title. Kondele may have more call girls than any other location in the city. Let us focus on the economic flow, the girls participating in prostitution are not keeping the money under the pillows, they buy sodas, water, food; the money is back in circulation. As much as the activity is demoralized, it plays a key role in making Kondele an economic hub of Kisumu.

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