This year has been great for Kisumu, speaking in terms of technology!

The number of residents who use Facebook has greatly increased, through Facebook I know a good number of the residents of Kisumu City. Through events we have managed to meet, interact and known each other further than the Facebook relationships.

The Apps

I earlier on said that this year Kisumu has benefited greatly from technology; the city has seen two major applications launch this year. I think it is only a county that has a steady growth can see the rise of two applications that are out to help improve the transport system in the area. I am speaking of Sendy and Pacho Deliveries.


Sendy launched in Kisumu in April 2016 and has been in operation since then. They took the Kisumu market by storm and they are the kids to beat, in this burgeoning tech logistics business. They are both a taxi hailing app (SendyRide/SendyBoda) and deliveries handlers.

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Sendy started its Kisumu operations in April

Sendy offers delivery services and rides, both bodaboda and taxis, they take the normal bodaboda riders and register them under their system. The taxis and bodabodas are trained on many things, major one being customer interaction; the Sendy bodaboda people talk to you so softly unlike the usual bodaboda guys. They are well groomed with Sendy Reflectors and back packs. They are assured of making KShs. 1,000 per day, and with how Sendy’s popularity is growing, we can assume that they reach that target.

Their charges are KShs. 240 base fee up to the first 7 kms and KShs. 30 for the extra kilometer, plus KShs. 50 for any extra location.

They have been actively participating in local events and giving out vouchers which we can conclude has been a good expansion, or maybe download, strategy.

Pacho Deliveries

Pacho Deliveries is the newest application in town, it was just launched on Saturday during the Dala 7s. Just as the name states, they do deliveries only.

Pacho caters for all logistics needs of their clients
Pacho Deliveries caters for all logistics needs of their clients

They have partnered with major restaurants and hotels in town which you can easily buy food from through their app and get it delivered at the comfort of your home or office.

Their charges are KShs. 150 for the first 3 kms and KShs. 30 for the every extra kilometer.

Both applications use geo-locations to determine where their clients are at, which means wherever you are in this earth that Google Earth can detect, you can use the apps. They are also fast, each app notifying you of how long you should wait for your ride/delivery, you can also track down your delivery. This is amazing development for the city as it means that our lifestyle is changing, the adaptation of smartphones has greatly increased in percentage. The difference between the apps is Sendy does both rides and deliveries while Pacho does only deliveries.


The challenge these two apps are facing is low downloads/little knowledge about the applications. They should have started by doing major activation and trainings on the existence and use of applications. The level of interaction with applications in Kisumu is quite low, most residents still use cyber cafes and those with smartphones use opera mini.

This group of people know the internet is only used for Facebook, and probably SportPesa 🙂

We would like to see more people adopt and download these apps, they take the city to a different level, makes the city become a smart city. Once these two apps develop a market and create a base, I can foresee more apps coming into the market to compete them. For now, they will be the major players in this industry until a good foundation is made. Have you downloaded the apps? What is your feedback or thoughts on them?

City Rydes

City Rydes has been in operations in Kisumu since 2013, they also offer pickups and deliveries. Their service is more of a Dial-A-Delivery, though one can also delegate an errand online.

They don’t have the app yet.

Over 50 companies and 500 plus individuals use CITY RYDES to run their errands and logistics to increase their productivity and achieve more.

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