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E-Kodi Makes Property Management Easy


E-Kodi – a Kisumu based property management web platform is meant to revolutionize houses/property management in the Kenyan republic.

With housing being one of the basic human needs, tenants around the country have been left with no option but to use con men posing as agents most times to help them identify availability for houses to rent or buy.

Why E-Kodi?
Why E-Kodi?

Take for example here in Kisumu.

Just last week I had recommended a house to a friend of mine, which I saw posted online in a marketplace site. Little did we know they were just conmen who had taken photos of the exterior of a house and uses it to swindle would be tenants of their hard-earned cash. My friend had trusted that the house that I had suggested to her was of much credence and that she was gonna be the next tenant.

A contact number was listed, but there was no location of the exact place where the house was gonna be found. She called the agent, who convinced her that the house was in high demand with many people asking for it, and without taking due diligence to go check the house by her self, she was convinced and she sent them agent whom she hadn’t met the whole deposit amount plus rent payment for this coming month. Thereafter, the phone went unanswered, and no trails of anything to do with the house; and the con men moves on to their next target.

E-Kodi thus wants to make house searches and management tirelessly simple.


It brings on board functions as:

  1. E-Lease – which will enable house lease documents be managed easily online
  2. Online Invoicing of the selected house
  3. Custom search for the house specifications one needs
  4. Waiting list – whereby one can enumerate him/herself to be notified of availability of housing in a particular neighborhood, when there is a vacant dwelling which had been previously registered in to the system
  5. It lists only verified houses, which enhances the security of would be tenants, thus sieves out con men posing as agents.

Currently E-Kodi has listed various houses in the two city counties of Nairobi and Kisumu.


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