The 11th Edition of Dala 7s In Kisumu City this Weekend

There is no place like home, No place like Dala. This is Kisumu Dala!

Kisumu is the biggest city in the Western Kenya region, a region that has carved its niche as the cradle of Kenyan rugby talent.

Image Courtesy Safaricom Blog
Image Courtesy Safaricom Blog

On this upcoming weekend – September 2-4th, all destinations lead to the Mamboleo Show Ground for the eleventh edition of Dala Sevens (Dala 7s).

Hosting the matches will be Kisumu Rugby Football Club, who in years past has been the factory of some of the best rugby players we have in the country.

Since the naming of the timelines earlier in the year, many people in the lakeside city, had actually blocked this upcoming weekend. Some have marked it as “holiday weekend”. It’s always one of the weekends that Kisumu has lots of traffic with nationwide rugby mavericks jetting into town, or some hitching rides through “organized road-trips” to dala.

All we can say is welcome home. Karibu Dala as we host you to this magnificent sunset city.

This is also a time that friends unite, and make merry. Kisumu clubs make the most business out of the huge rugby following that comes to town. Many of the clubs will see a huge turnout of patrons with a taste of dances and fun, and offerings that the lakeside city of Kisumu has to offer.

Kisumu Rugby Football Club Team Squad
Kisumu Rugby Football Club Team Squad

It is also a time that the event is thronged by young men and ladies who many a times don’t understand the game, but would still buy the two days ticket to hangout, take booze or even ogle at the beautiful girls in tiny clothing that also make their way to the event. This is the time that sponsors and Ben 10s get to scramble for the rugby beauties!

During the 2015 edition of Dala 7s, Topfry Nakuru RFC narrowly edged out Kenya Harlequins 15-14 to win the main title as Catholic University aka Monks beat Comras 24-20 to lift the Division 2 title.

Dala is the fourth event in the circuit – after Prinsloo and Kabeberi, and thereafter the series will usher in the inaugural Nanyuki Sevens on 10-11 September before closing with the Christie Sevens the weekend after. The series has now been expanded to a six National 7s circuit (Prinsloo, Kabeberi, Driftwood, Dala, Nanyuki, and Christies).

Mark your calendar good people, a beautiful game of crouch, touch, pause, engage is happening this week!

Let’s all meet at Dala 7s 🙂

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