River-Road in Kisumu?

I live in one of the popular estates in Kisumu- not posh per se, but popular; even those who have never been to Kisumu know of it among the others like Kondele and Nyalenda.

Anyway, yesterday I had a very interesting encounter as I was heading home.

Before I share my encounter I have to ask, how good are you at knowing the stages that are present on your route?

I can refer myself as very poor because I only know the major stages; I am so disappointed in myself. Back to my encounter, I am heading home at around 6pm and we are slightly past Kosawo Primary School but just before Kona Maji stage.

This lady, probably my mother’s age, shouts at the conductor “Alor River-Road” (I’m alighting at River-Road). I am so shocked and I ask myself, where is River-Road? But this driver stops at a certain corner and the lady alights. But, this being Kisumu, route 9 to be precise, there had to be some drama.

The conductor says “Madhe, dong’ di lor e stage mawakadho, onge stage kae” (Madam, you should have alighted at the previous stage, there’s no stage here) and the lady quickly responds “Samaidho gari to ukawaga kae, udenda mondadonj e gari. Koro loralora kuma ikawaga” (When I want to board a car you always pick me here, you convince me to enter your car. So now let me alight where you always pick me up). Definitely the whole car burst into laughter, the conductor not excluded; that was a great comeback from the lady, and she actually got dropped at this River-Road stage!

Anyway, that is not what caught my attention, why is that stage called River-Road? I know the River-Road in Nairobi is commonly known for fake items, con men and pickpockets’ but what about this one located at the heart of Manyatta? Was it a name the lady just decided to call the stage or there is more than meets the eye? Have you heard of this stage or do you know where it is?

Jo Manyatta, share with us what you know about this River-Road stage!


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