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Meet Kisumu County’s Youngest Gubernatorial Candidate


Architect Christopher Ondiek, or Chris, as we always call him, has been having this dream of vying for the governorship of Kisumu County, since a while ago, one of his close friends tells me.

I was privileged to have been with him in high school for three years, he was just one class before me.

Always an intelligent dude, with a very broad smile, Chris was also an astute sure leader, and very cheerful. He engaged student leadership and youth political movements. Many of us still can’t put our heads around the fact that this young man born in the moons of the 80’s is actually vying for the biggest seat in the Lakeside County of Kisumu. As in for real!

Chris Ondiek for Governor Kisumu County
Chris Ondiek for Governor Kisumu County

Ondiek is coming with a wealth of knowledge gained from his studentship in the University of JKUAT in his architectural engineering studies, and also with skills gained practicing his trade in both public service among others private enterprises in the country.

Despite his young age, against the older generation of the current Governor Ranguma, Senator Nyong’o, businessman and doctor Hezron McObewa, among the other contenders, this young man Chris may just be the kind of leader Kisumu County needs.

First of all, his age means that his mind is very much fresh to learn from his environment, and listen more. Thus, his mental judgement is not clouded with issues, vendetta, and conflicts unlike the current crop of the other older contenders. His age also means that the youths of Kisumu County can easily mingle with him, as he doesn’t have cliques of tumbocrats and tenderpreneurs milling all the time around him. He is an easy sell to the youth as “One of Us”.

Second, his educational background also means that he can help catalyze the reconstruction of Kisumu County and City. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering, and an MSc in Project Management, means he is very ready to trade his skills with the development of Kisumu. His postulation is that the county of Kisumu is very strategically positioned to take lead in the development of Western Kenya and the Greater Lake Victoria regions. He has been talking about the implementation of the CIDP and also opening up the city of Kisumu to investments. The highlights of this career include: 6 years at Ministry of Public works, 2 years at Nairobi City County, and 10 years at the helm of private business to date.

Three, political grandstanding is also holding the development of this county at ransom. Ondiek has little or no taint making him owe his candidature to anyone. He is actually a cut from a new piece of clothing.

Four, backed by young technocrats, both in fields of financial management, planning, law, social reconstruction, Ondiek comes out as one who is putting up a rebirth opportunity for the County of Kisumu. His vision of opening up the county to the Lake Victoria as a resource, will help position the City of Kisumu as a harbour of ships construction, water sports and tourism, and also the development of the fishing industry. The caring leadership explains the passion for youths and women he has enabled to start businesses and seek employment opportunities in his company among others.

The rules to ensure an Ondiek win are simple:

  1. The party is ODM
  2. Kisumu is the County
  3. Arch Christopher Ondiek is the candidate

After all is said and done, your vote your choice. If you don’t practice your patriotic right of participating in the electoral process of voting, you help elect wrong leaders.

Make your vote count


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  1. Why would we want to vote an unproven person? I think younger people need to work first and utilize their talents in the workforce as opposed to seeking political office as a source of employment. That is where problems start because his primary interest may end up being to create personal wealth as opposed to public service. We will vote proven people who are not looking for employment opportunities.

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