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A Nightmare that is Kisumu City Pavements!

There’s nothing as disgusting as maneuvering the Kisumu City streets, while avoiding trampling on wares every step of the way. Every available space on the pedestrians walk/streets have been taken over by hawkers, or bodaboda men, with abandon impunity.

I find it difficult to walk the streets nowadays, hope you do to!

Entrances to high traffic places – supermarkets, stages, junctions, and even roundabouts have all been literally grabbed by these marauding pikipikis and or bodaboda bicycles. Am not trying to give them a bad image, or even destroy their name, my main concern is the careless tendencies they tend portray as they ply their trade.

Many a times, they are always handy to help in situations like when the rains are coming, and you fear being rained on. These times we pray and wish that they just appear in your shelter and save you from the rains and rush you home. They have been the best bet for travel in to the areas where the matatus can’t reach, they are very handy, and are most used by the majority of the city dwellers who still don’t have PMR – personal motorized rides J

But then, why must we still condone or put up with the reckless behavior of some few of them, who always want to overtake the motor vehicles from the left, or always making abrupt stop without care of other road users, whenever they see clients?

Or is it us the passengers who never care whatever happens, “I just wanna get going” attitude!

Some even ride on the wrong sides of the road, overtaking on the left of moving vehicles, it is a chaotic scene here in Kisumu.

Just last week, a group of bodaboda operators visited Rwanda, courtesy of the County Government of Kisumu sponsorship. Questions that keep on coming up are, were the bodaboda honchos the best people to have been taken to Rwanda for the bench-marking, or the government would have sponsored urban planners or students of urban planning to bring us back good ideas on the management of the chaotic city streets.

Our Mama mbogas have grabbed half of the road and turned it into her supermarket. We lack discipline, respect for others.

Is the city management toothless or powerless in managing the public spaces in the city from the street-grabbers? If they did it for the famed “Oile Park” – which is now no more despite the hues and cries, why are the Kisumu streets in an intolerable mess?

A concerned city resident had this to say of the situation

Pavements turned into roadside shops and passenger termini

Pavements turned into roadside shops and passenger termini

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