The Creative Band Kenya Goes Crazy in New Song

A pretty lady from a friends working place has literally made The CBK to Go Crazy, “Rasukha Murwe”. They go to an extent of faking their status to the best of an individuals capability just to impress the angel, only for her to realize that she was the game being played.

Their first single ‘SIRO’ has placed The CBK on an enviable steady rise in Kenyan Music getting recognition and salutations from radio presenter MaQbull, Collo and Nyashinski while getting interviews from Citizen TV, NTV, KUTV, Radio Maisha, Capital FM, Kiss100 among others.

The CBK is now the most successful and promising musicians coming from the western part of Kenya.

The Creative Band Kenya (The CBK) consist of 3 vocalists Stanley Otieno, Bob Ogolla, Allan Omondi dedicated versatile entertainment team establishment that is positioned to offer an alternative form and feel of entertainment and cultural life from Kisumu County, nationally and globally.

Their vision is to consistently revolutionize the cultural service industry by establishing interactive and explicit entertainment experiences that are a uniquely fulfilling and refreshing yet enlightening and captivating. Their mission tasks them to revolutionize the western Kenya cultural terrain into an active and meaningful educational tool of socio-economic change.

Let’s all wait for the launch of “Gone Crazy” 🙂

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