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Lake International Poetry and Film Festival in Kisumu City


Lake International Poetry and Film Festival is an Annual poetry performance and short film festival which opens up for youth and experts from all over the world to submit 5 minute performances and films.

It is aimed at empowering the youth on the power of poetry and film for social change, to sensitize young performers and film makers on film and entrepreneurship.  It also aims at bringing youth from Western Kenya together and opening up the region for tourism, intellectual and cultural exchange.

Short films of not more than 15 minutes in any African native language with English subtitles are eligible.

It also includes poetry competition, workshops, debates and exhibitions.

The Festival Theme is: Arts and Film for Social Change

Sub Themes of workshops and public dialogue sessions are:

  1. Creating Dialogues
  2. Social Democracy
  3. Digital Identities


Awards & Prizes

The LIPFFESTIVAL has awards for both film and poetry sections.

Rules & Terms

Film Entry Requirements

  1. Any films that do not meet the following requirements will be automatically disqualified. The entry requirements have been revised to increase eligibility. kindly adhere.
  2. All films should not be less than 2 (two) minutes and not more than 15 minutes.
  3. Only short drama films are eligible for entry. Documentaries or docudramas will not be accepted.
  4. All films MUST be in any African Native Languages including Swahili.
  5. All films MUST therefore have English translation subtitles.
  6. Every producer/director/group/company is only allowed a maximum of two film entries.
  7. All films to be submitted in HD Quality in both Mp4 and movie file. Hard copies should be in a flash disk on quality not less than (720pp x 1080pp). All films should be submitted with a trailer of 15 seconds together with the short film. For online submissions, kindly check rules 10, 11 and 12 below.
  8. All films must be submitted before the deadlines of 2nd September 2016.
  9. All entries should be original works of the persons submitting. The LIPFF Festival Committee and Organizers will not be accountable for any copyright infringements.
  10. The producers should ensure they have copyright agreement for any songs/music/sounds used in the film with the owners/producers/creators of the songs/music/sounds.
  11. All entries to be submitted with a duly signed submission form which you can download from our website. Click the link LIPFF FILM SUBMISSION FORM to download.
  12. For submissions made through Film Freeway, you may download the form from the website, fill it and upload it on Film Freeway as a screenplay for your films.
  13. If you cannot download the form or have any questions kindly send us an email to: legacyartsfilmlab@gmail.com

Film Award Categories

  1. Best Short Film
  2. Best Director
  3. Best Cinematography
  4. Best Scriptwriter
  5. Best Sound Design
  6. Best Film on Theme of Social Change
  7. Best Production Design
  8. Best Editor
  9. Best Actor
  10. Best Actress

Poetry Award Categories

  1. Best Performer Overall
  2. Best Female Performer
  3. Best Poet
  4. Best Spoken Word Artist
  5. Best Storyteller/Narrator
  6. Best Performance in Local Language
  7. Best Performance in Swahili
  8. Best item on Creating Dialogues
  9. Best item on Social Democracy
  10. Best item on Digital Identities

Other Awards

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Jury’s Festival Award

Festival date

  • Friday 23rd  and 24th September 2016

Kindly visit the website for more details. www.lipffestival.wordpress.com

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