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High fashion for children in the upcoming “Kisumu Kids Fashion Show 2016”

I was lucky back in the day as mom used to buy us well-knit original clothing apparels to put on, she was actually a top-notch tailor too. My siblings and I all had handknit sweaters to keep the cold away both at home and school (I had a both a home and school sweater/cardigan). With age catching up with, she eventually threw the towel, and is no longer designing clothes/outfits for us. The machines she had have since been passed over to my younger sister to continue the design work and of making new clothes. She hasn’t disappointed her 😉

Looking back at the how we used to dress, mom used to take her time to sew us nice outfits, matching colors, different sizes for me and my other four siblings. We used to really look nice and perfect family. We were an envy to many a families!

These were the moments and things that I don’t think I will even give my young girl.

Our fashion is now informed mostly by what we see on TV, what we read in the magazines, or what we see other people dress. No sense of creativity, authenticity or standing out. We all look the same and dull. And most of these outfits are straight outta China (sorry, made in China). Many pwople would go to the Kibuye flea market very early in the kogwen and try gather the best outfits, often second hand clothes from the bales as they are being opened. This has become the tragedy of us!

Anyways, what happened to the Kenya Fashion Industry? Do we want to give and raise our kids in clothes that have passed their “Sell by” date? Second hand clothes? Mitumba?

Here in Kisumu, the only garment factory to ever exist closed shop, the moment the doors were opened for second hand clothes. The proliferation saw KICOMI, Ken Knit, and Rivatex go down. And now, our people have lost credibility and validity in providing the best for them. Those who are able to give their kids designer clothes would otherwise part with shopping overseas, or even from very expensive boutiques in town or around the country.

Fashion for Kids: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Decades ago, parents could get away with slapping some Russell Athletics on their kid and calling it a day, these days, even the smallest embarrassment is one that can be amplified beyond the scope of the schoolyard.

The same goes for showing off. It’s no longer a matter of one-upping the other parents in your kid’s classroom; it’s about using your child as a proxy to broadcast your good and/or expensive taste to an ever-rapt and envious number of strangers on Instagram 🙂

The result is an increasingly large demographic of parents and children with distorted notions of what normal dressing means at a certain age.

Things have changed. Kids are now fashion icons. They can be seen dotting screens and billboards around the country depicting new fashion trends and styles. They are the future of fashion and introducing them in this fashion industry at this time will just be the beginning of inculcating the fashion sense in them and the start of being creative at their tender and young ages.

At Angels of Sunset, this is what they are trying to do. They are identifying potential the kids may be having in being supermodels in the future, being fashion icons by showcasing creative outfits from Kenya’s own designers.

The August 20, 2016

The August 20, 2016

They endeavour to identify, train and help nurture the innate talents of kids in fashion, dance, public speaking and music.

The August 20th event is one of a kind and the first in Kisumu and the region. It is therefore an event you should watch as it will be showcasing the best in the world of kids fashion locally curated from designers based here in Kisumu and from Nairobi.

Kisumu Kids Fashion Show thus intends to inform the fashion audience that there are so many fashionable outfits that are authentic, creatively made locally and has an eye for competing in the global fashion market and shops.

So, please bring your kids, and together with them, you shall have an opportunity to also strut the runway 🙂

What’s hot in kid fashion?

Make a date this August 20th to find out what new clothes you should have in your kids wardrobe.

And oh, Angels of Sunset supports the education of kids from underprivileged families. They do this through raising funds from the gate charges. The KShs 500 bob is able to support one kid’s tuition for just one and a half months. So, let’s all come and see them walk the runway at the same time, give those from these families another shot at education which they couldn’t get normally.

See you then 🙂

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