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Kisumu Bodaboda Operators in Rwanda


Some key Kisumu County Government staff with a select Kisumu Bodaboda operators in Rwanda earlier this week on a sponsored trip to benchmark on best practices in the transport industry.

Two MCAs and three chief officers joined the 95 boda-boda riders on the five-day trip that has sparked an uproar from some MCAs.

According to Governor Ranguma, the trip was meant to expose the operators to the need to restore law and order as they operate their businesses, as well as give them the opportunity to learn how to commercialise their trade.

Kisumu Bodaboda operators in Rwanda
Kisumu Bodaboda operators in Rwanda: Benchmarking meeting in session
 “We are optimistic that they will learn a lot and share their knowledge with the rest,” he said.

The cost of the trip couldn’t be confirmed.

“You do not need to take boda boda operators to Rwanda when the county has not done anything to ensure that the inspectorate is functional,” East Seme MCA Aggrey Ogosi.

The trip comes at a time when the county is struggling to set up policies to streamline the chaotic taxi business in the city and CBD.

With all of the available city spaces taken up by taxi – bodaboda, tuktuk, and even pikipiki operators, the city space is in such a chaotic mess. The pedestrian walkways are all taken over by mostly the bikes. It is hard to maneuver your way past them at times, with accidents being the order of the day 🙁

This is a welcome news, but the question that begs answers is that, will the bodaboda riders be able to help shape up the industry, with the lessons learnt. How will they be able to share the best practices with the tens of thousands of operators within the city of Kisumu and County?

Again, the sector is highly growing due to its multibillion shilling potential. This has seen on demand taxi hailing services starting to take root in the city. A few months ago, Sendy (a mobile based taxi-hailing service) came to Kisumu. This shows that with streamlining the sector, anyone can make very lucrative revenue from it.

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Concerns being raised are that this should not be another wasteful exercise, with hefty allowances being paid to the attendees, so that to satisfy their largess.

We hope and hope that this will be a good opportunity for Kisumu City to set pace on the management of the sector.

But then again, what’s the role of the city planners/urban planning? Where are our universities to solve these urban planning fiascos for us? We need tangible solutions and long lasting, sustainable ones for that matter.

~ Additional report via Tuko

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