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Welcome to Uganda Christian University: Kisumu City Open Day


The 103 years old Uganda Christian University was founded when the historic Bishop Tucker Theological College was promoted as a university in 1997. Bishop Tucker Theological College trained clergy and educators during its 84-year history from 1913-1997.

The local chief, Hamu Mukasa, granted land for the college to operate in Mukono.

International partnerships were part of the College’s missionary history. The Church Mission Society teamed with Ugandan leaders and others to assure the College had the necessary intellectual and other capital.

By the late 1990s, the Church of Uganda sought to have a broader impact on society through the higher education – not only of clergy but of other professionals as well. This led to the establishment of Uganda Christian University in 1997.


Alpha and Omega: God the Beginning and the End


A Centre of Excellence in the Heart of Africa


To Equip students for productive, holistic lives of Christian faith and service.



We acknowledge the Lordship of Christ, seeking to know and obey God’s will, challenging ingrained secular thinking in education.


We are careful in whatever we do, conscientious at work and persistent in the face of difficulty because our work is a service to Lord Jesus Christ.


We hold to sound moral character, as defined by biblical principles of upholding honesty and transparency, truthfulness, faithfulness and exercising humility.


We are convinced that all people bear the image of God, therefore we commit to love them as we love ourselves, using our positions of influence to build up others.


We faithfully manage ourselves, our relationship and tangible resources knowing that these are given to us in trust, for God’s glory.


A Complete Education for A Complete Person


Kisumu City Open Day

The whole of this week, it’s an open day call for the Kisumu Community to get acquainted with the university through learning and understanding of what they are and the course offers.

In this respect, a desk has been set up at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Kisumu (opp. Central Police Station), where prospective students can visit to find out more about starting their career at UCU.

Kisumu, You are all invited 🙂


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