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Kenya Ni Yetu! Ni Yetu! Kenya – How you can Participate


Ni Yetu means “it’s ours” in Kiswahili; our country, our constitution, our land, our future.

It’s a rallying call for patriotic citizens to stand up and assume ownership; to take back our country, so to speak.

The walk is scheduled to start in Kisumu on 7th August, 2016 and end in Nairobi on 21st August, 2016.

Along the way, we shall make rest stops at predetermined locations where artists will stage performances for the local communities and also engage with them about the objectives of the Ni Yetu campaign.

The Ni Yetu Campaign Schedule
The Ni Yetu Campaign Schedule

Some of the objectives we hope to achieve through this initiative include to:

  • Provide a rallying call for youth engagement in public affairs
  • Inspire youth participation in the defense of democracy
  • Initiate a conversation about contemporary politics
  • Celebrate Kenya’s spirit of resilience and suffering for the greater good
  • Unite Kenyans and rally them to a common cause
  • Glorify patriotism, nationhood and nation-building
  • Celebrate our diversity

Participants are expected to pay a fee of Ksh 25,000/- to cover logistical expenses, such as food, water, accommodation, transport, etc. You are free to join us, though, if you can organize your own logistics. Participants who would like to walk only part of the route are also welcome. Kindly send us a request for the section you wish to walk and we shall send you the costing. We are also seeking partners who can help offset some of the expenses and hope that we shall be able to sponsor a few participants.

To register, kindly send us your full name, phone number, county you are representing, whether you wish to walk the full route and if you are able to meet the cost of the walk.

Registration closes on 31st July 2016.

Kindly follow us on our social media platforms for more news and updates.

Facebook: @NiYetuKE

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Instagram: @NiYetuKe

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