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Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel
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Kisumu Fashion Week 2018 @ Acacia Premier Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
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Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel
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Kisumu Junk Festival @ Jumuia Hotel | Kisumu | Kenya
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Mafias at the KNEC HQ

CS Matiangi
CS Matiang’i

CS Matiang’i bans midterm breaks, prayers and school visits by parents in schools during the third term thinking erroneously that it is parents who bring leaked papers to schools to facilitate cheating.

Punishing parents for nothing at a time they need to converse with their children to give them the final parental push in the most decisive moment of their young lives.

While some parents gain access to those exam leakages, parents are peripheral suspects in this, many times only guilty by association, knowingly or unknowingly. And parents may account for only 2% of cheating in schools.

The real problem lies with KNEC, school head teachers, principals and their collaborating staff.

Parents are merely asked to pay say Kshs. 15,000 each as motivation fees for teachers, which money is used to buy exams from unscrupulous staff at KNEC running into millions. It is a covert mafia like syndicate and cartel with provincial and district representatives who craft the deals with school heads on behalf of KNEC.

And like in the mafia, the rule is OMERTA! (a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities) Absolute silence!

It is a mega million business in which those who stand in the way are eliminated. Schools where parents never complain or are intimidated to contribute pay as much as Kshs. 3 million per school. Parents are called to the school and told in a well choreographed scheme where responders are already planted in their midst by the school board and principals that there will be a fee increment and their opinion sought.

A forest of hands, earlier paid to support rise up in chorused support. Nobody even knows if really they are parents. But they make the decision quickly and the headteacher begins the ruthless implementation.

Woe to unto you if you are a poor struggling parent. Any parent who dare oppose the extra burden is treated with scorn and many choose to go quiet and suffer silently.

The money is then channeled to KNEC to buy knowledge. The school emerges on top, TV crews visit homes of “achievers” and the school principal earns accolades, promotions and money. The poor village children only struggle based on their taught knowledge .

The problem is with KNEC and School heads Mr. Matiang’i. You can ask me. Anytime!


And now,

More schools are burning, over 80 in total, almost 3 on a daily basis.


9 Kenya National Examinations Council officers among them CEO Joseph Kivilu are now facing arrest over their involvement in the massive exam leakage reported last year.

The examinations body has been dissolved with immediate effect with education CS Fred Matiang’i announcing former UoN Vice Chancellor George Magoha appointed new board chair.

Adapted from Facebook, partly written by Eric Ochanji

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