An Evening of Sunset Under the Acacia Hotel Kisumu

Acacia Premier Hotel is now a celebrated home to many people in Kisumu, or those visiting Kisumu for the very first time.

The hotel, set in a tranquil environment overlooking the freshest lake in Africa – Lake Victoria, also world’s second largest fresh-water lake, welcomes anyone to a home of African Hospitality.

This magnificent piece of art gives anyone world class treatment, among its very many exquisite offerings.

Perfect place to network and have fun with friends
Perfect place to network and have fun with friends

The evenings here are the most enjoyable spectacles.

A time off at the Aqua Pool Bar & Grill invites you to a memorable treat of an ominous magical sunset yonder the Lake Victoria waters.

Perched on the rooftop of the hotel, the Aqua Bar enables you to take in the beauty that Kisumu City is celebrated for. The only sunset city in Kenya.

There are very many places to catch sunset in Kisumu, but none beats the treat at this pool bar.

An evening sunset in Kisumu at the Aqua Pool Bar & Grill
An evening sunset in Kisumu at the Aqua Pool Bar & Grill

The Aqua Pool Bar & Grill accommodates guests for lunch, evening cocktails and dinner, with breathtaking views of Lake Victoria.

If ever you are looking for serenity, tranquility, peace, comfort, magnificence; then this Aqua Pool Bar & Grill should be your next port of call 🙂

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