The story of Owuor wuon Kere can be told from several perspectives; one such perspective is that of Jo-Katolo many of whom live east of the present day Katito Township in Kisumu County. While living at Sango, Katolo quarrelled with Kajimbo over land. Kadianga supported Kajimbo in the ensuing battle. Katolo was outnumbered. But the episode did not end there.

Owuor wuon Kere, then Kadianga’s medicine man, was later sent by Nyakach to go and spy on Katolo’s hero.

Owuor wuon Kere pretentiously went and lived with Katolo as a relative. Matete wuon Omieri, then Kano’s medicine man, had more powerful medicine than Owuor wuon Kere. Most Nyakach then occupied Kano Oganjo; but had problems with related cultural communities.

Owuor Kere lived with Katolo for sometime, while spying. Finally his medicine entrapped Katolo’s hero, Bele. Kadianga and Kajimbo later killed Bele at the lake when he was fishing, took him to a dead riverbed, cut his body into pieces, dried, then burnt them. They then took his body-ash and mixed with a traditional brew, kong-mbare.

Owuor Kere, then invited Katolo to a communal drink where Katolo were given a holed-sieve (seke maiye orokore); while Kadianga drunk with blocked-sieve (seke mook otuch to otwee odeso).

It was after that drink that Kadianga and Kajimbo raided Katolo and killed them en mass. Such savagery acts were common in those days. The colonialists, then referred to them as the ‘savages’.

It was this that made Katolo to escape from Sango Nyadina to Urudi near Pap-Lisana where Katolo met Agoro. There Katolo fought Agoro but later settled their differences.

At God Kwach, Katolo were supposed to join Obuolo’s group. But because of Kakola’s braggadocio, Katolo broke away.

Katolo then befriended Kawamoya – a clan within Kimira – then living at Got-Owaga between Muhoroni and Koru. They started visiting each other. When Kawamoya later migrated to Ngere, Katolo followed them. While in Ngere, Kawamoya’s medicine-man, Miyawa advised Kawamoya:

“Keep Katolo close to you because of their fearlessness.”

When Miyawa died, Owuor wuon Kere (Nyakach’s medicine man) predicted that if Tolo – ‘Guok mager’ (The fierce dog) – separated from Kawamoya, Nyakach would raid Kano.

This is why when Miyawa died, he was buried and exhumed three times: First in Ngere, then at Bondo-Omoro, and finally at Onjiko Aim. This was the last war between Kano and Nyakach.

It was this last war between Kano and Nyakach that made Katolo to migrate from Ngere to Onguo and Magunga; where they re-met Agoro, Gem, and Kabondo who were then occupying from Nyakwere up to Nyabondo Plateau.

Katolo settled among Agoro and Gem thatching their households northward towards the present Awach Olalo. Agoro thatched theirs eastwards towards today’s Cherwa.

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