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Jaw-Dropping Encounter in a Kisumu Street


There’s something strange going on along the street behind Victoria Primary. Two guys are walking ahead of me. I usually walk while scrolling my phone or texting and this time my attention is drawn to two guys walking ahead of me.

I see one guy in a blue jeans/white shirt (who is about a step ahead of me) pick up a fat bundle of cash wrapped in transparent white polythene paper from the grass besides the road. He sees me and quickly puts it in his pocket and he starts stuttering…

‘Jamaa ameangusha kitu, he he, waa! “

And I ask him”Ati?”

He says “.. ni kama jamaa hajui hata..”

So I look ahead and I see a guy in a red T-shirt, talking on the phone while walking pretty slow (I’d later notice he wasn’t on any call).. I quickly call him out before he takes the corner.

“Wee boss.. “

I’m sure he’s heard me call him twice but he keeps on walking. After realizing I wasn’t going to relent, he stops and turns back. The guy who picked the money quickly jumps in and starts questioning him.

“Umeangusha kitu?”

The guy in a red T-shirt puts the edge of his phone in his mouth, confused for a moment.Β He is asked again if he dropped something and he mumbles a “Yes” even without checking his pockets.

I’m standing there thinking this is strange behavior, so I look at the road ahead and there’s a motorbike guy who’s stopped to look at us, behind us there’s a Toyota Premio driving slowly towards us.

Immediately I think, this doesn’t feel right.

So the guy goes on asking half-hearted. I get the feeling that he hates me right now because I’m cock-blocking his luck. I’m standing there with a stern face like “We ain’t going nowhere till this guy knows you picked up his money”

After a brief back and forth, the guy in a red t-shirt says he dropped Kshs. 73,000. Money that he was taking “huko kwa boat boat”

He fearfully asks “Ama mmeona nikitafuta hapa ndio maana mmeniita?”

And I’m like “Okay this is now silly”

Because at no point did he look like he was searching for a lost Kshs. 73000. At no point was he relieved that someone may have helped his ass. He was looking around like someone was watching him.

I then tell the guy in a white shirt and blue jeans “Mpe hiyo pesa”

He hesitates. So I firmly tell him “Boss, Mpe hiyo pesa”

Then I notice that white Toyota Premio (remember it?) has stopped a few meters from us and the guys inside are watching us. It then turns back and starts coming toward us. Given the stories I’ve heard about crime in Milimani with gangsters and all, I go “No shit. Bail now. This could get ugly”

I tell the guy who supposedly dropped the money “Huyu msee and doh yako. Amekuokolea. Mchotee kakitu” and I start walking away.

I leave them to sort out their issues. After about 50 meters, I turn and look back. Unsurprisingly, I see that white Toyota Premio is parked right next to those two guys I left behind to sort out their money issues.

My heart is beating like (insert your favorite primary school phrase here, mine was “a tom tom of West Africa”)

My brain is trying to process it all but I can’t figure it out. So I walk towards Lakehub to go on with my boring life.

As I get farther and farther away, I’m thinking “Man…. The way My life is set up right now, I could really do with Kshs. 73000. Or at least half of it.”

But then I’m like “Nah, it’s not right”

Then I replay all this and it doesn’t make any sense. Thus, it might have been a drop off. It may have turned ugly any moment and you guys would have been posting Rest in Peace messages here. And I’d have parents, friends and a girl crying their souls out because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I took one last look at those guys and I saw them still engaged in some sort of understanding. I genuinely felt a sort of relief that I wasn’t a part of whatever was/is going on there.

Moral of the story?

Don’t walk on the streets while looking at your phone or texting. You may not see blessings that are just lying on the road. πŸ™‚

Be cognizant of happenings in your surroundings, don’t fall prey easily, trust your sixth sense. If it ain’t right, it ain’t!


TRUE STORY: Encounter By Deryl Aduda

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