Am a stay-at-home mum and loving it

I’m a housewife and a stay at home mom. Ten years now in September.

I have 5 children, the eldest is 9, the youngest one year. I wake up dress them for school, they have breakfast, then the dad drops them to school. I shower, have breakfast, pray, read, feed the baby, play with baby, practice guitar, have lunch, play with baby, prepare 4 o’clock snack for kids when they come back from school, make dinner, watch favourite series, NCIS, bath kids, play with kids, homework, kids have dinner, husband comes home, eat with him, send husband to bed, prepare stuff for next day, sleep.

Repeat next day.

People just can’t imagine that being a housewife and a stay at home mom can be a choice.

But it is mine. It isn’t easy but this is what I want now. I have a degree in BCom but I want to excel in raising my children and have a great family.

Am loving every moment of it - housewife
Am loving every moment of it – housewife

What’s my happiness on a scale of 1 to 10? I’m a 12. I want to serve my kids and my husband, I want to make sacrifices for them. Most people frown at that because people can’t handle things they can’t understand, things that they don’t consider “the norm”. And that is the most tragic loss because the norm is so boring and overrated. They say that I should “live for myself a little.” But I am! I live for my children and the family, that’s living for myself!

Living takes time. You have to stop and ask if what you do pleases YOU first, not people around you.

I want to make music. I want to write music and tell stories for people with a belief system. Only for people with a belief system.

Which means it won’t be for mass production 🙂

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