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Why Nyanza: Future of Kenya?


If there is a region in Kenya that lies bustling with unmatched potential, that undoubtedly must be Nyanza.

Vast, fertile, fallow land, the biggest tropical lake in the world (which is also the second largest fresh water lake in the world), brilliant minds, a politically active populace, some of the largest irrigation schemes in the country, good weather and stable neighbours to trade with are just but a few of the resources at the disposal of Luo Nyanza.

Why then has the region lagged behind, despite these critical advantages?

The people of Luo Nyanza must rise up to till their land.

Let men and women stuck in Nairobi send money back home and invest in different industries that can take our people to the next level.

Let our county and constituency leaders give out subsidised fertilisers and irrigation pumps to our people who live near the lake.

Let our people engage more in economic activities and wait for a political season to go politicking.

We must urgently sell Nyanza as a viable investment location.

We must attract investors and provide security for their investments. Idle young men and women who are quick to burn down property and loot at the slightest provocation must be dealt with thoroughly.

That is the only way our region will move forward. The world is becoming a global village, woe unto us if we hold on to outdated and retrogressive mentalities.

Nyanza’s destiny is in the hands of its own people.

Via Facebook Β by Mutemi Wa Kiama

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