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Moses Kuria, The Luo’s will not Demonstrate but Fight!


Moses Kuria told a rally yesterday that Raila Odinga should be shot dead. That Luos will demonstrate for only one week and people will move on. I put it to you Moses Kuria and those who share your caustic tongue that if Raila is ASSASSINATED, Luos will not DEMONSTRATE. They will FIGHT! An all out war of HONOUR!

And several communities will stand with them. 40 against 2. It can be an ugly spectacle you should not dream of. The Kenyan APOCALYPSE.

MP Kimani Ngunjiri told his constituents yesterday that Luos should be evicted from Nakuru. The seeds of mass violence are being planted. A nation is being divided. Uhuru Kenyatta, the supposed President of all Kenyans remains mum. He likes what his tribesmen are saying. And blesses their utterances with his silence.

I have very many Kikuyu friends, good people going about their existence in love and dedication. Moses Kuria and Ngunjiri are not good Kikuyu’s and can make a nation burn.

I want to remind Kuria that Paul Kagame killed one man, President Juvenal Habyarimana and led his country into one of the worst bloodbaths of humanity. What the world has come to call the Great War, The First World War, had many proximate causes, but the eventual trigger was the Killing of one man Arch-Duke Ferdinand and his wife.

The nation is heading to a general election, one of the triggers of violence in Africa and people are fanning violence like Felicen Kabuga did in Rwanda and the President and his deputy swim in consuming arrogance. They remain oblivious to the very loud drums of war.

Try killing Raila Odinga. Just try and let’s see if we will have a nation called Kenya the following day.

Kenya is being governed by two very unstable hands. If these two are not held to account, other Kenyans will start beating their own war drums.


That Moses Kuria can dare stand on a platform at the full glare of a camera and call of assassination of Raila Odinga the opposition chief. Assassinating a man of Raila calibre would not make Luo people to riot for two weeks and then forget. But this would make Kenya burn literally. It would trigger a Thomas Hobbes war of all against all (civil apocalypse) that would make Rwanda’s case look like a kindergarten school kids play.

Rwanda’s genocide was triggered by the assassination of one person, the then President Juvenal Habyarimana. Some say that Paul Kagame did it and others say that Hutu extremists assassinated him when he agreed on a power sharing agreement in Arusha with a woman who was to become Prime Minister so that they could point fingers on Tutsi and get an excuse to start the genocide.

The latter say that the Hutu believed in Hutu power propaganda and could not buy into the idea of sharing power with Tutsi minority. There was another attempt to assassinate Oginga Odinga when Kenyatta went to open the Kisumu, Russia hospital in 1969. A senior police officer had drawn a gun to kill Odinga but a junior officer warned him not to try such a stupid thing. So, Kuria should stop making such utterance lest he will make the already volatile situation in Kenya move from worse to worst.

By Eric Ochanji II and Emma Emmy, courtesy Facebook

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