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Unknown African Man – Rest-In-Peace


Pungent smell of burning rubber and tar attests to the extent of #iebcmustfall demos in Kisumu. Shots fired, lives lost, injuries caused, businesses closed down, calories burned playing hide and seek with the police.

That’s the sad reality of the #TeargasMondays

Will we ever find a solution to this blossoming pandemonium?

Until when will this high grandstanding between the government, the IEBC and the opposition bring amicable solution to peace, development, love, oneness, friendship among us Kenyans?

My heart bleeds today. With a heavy heart I cry for my motherland. I go to bed an angry man.

Kenya, where did the rain start beating us? Where did we go wrong? Why the tribal bigotry, perpetuated with a pinch of salt, by our elected honorable members of Parliament?

Last week, a young man was beaten senseless by our police service in Nairobi, sorry force, at the glare of international media, and sundry. Today, shots have been fired. Live bullets have pierced skins, like a hunter’s spear into the heart of an antelope. In Migori, women have been shot at, unluckily the gunman’s bullets passed through their arms. My heart cries.

IEBC must go banner at Kondele
IEBC must go banner at Kondele

In Homabay, Siaya, Nairobi, the scenes have turned ugly. Police Canons spitting itchy waters have been sprayed on innocent Kenyans.

Did we really promulgate this kind of constitution in 2010? Was this what my Yes vote meant? Did I vote to allow the police beat the sense out of me every time I raise a word with those in authorities? Did I vote Yes in the referendum to have impunity entrenched in this country line now?

The short video of the man lying in pain in front of the Commercial Bank of Africa, Kisumu branch at Tivoli Center, was the worst thing I saw today. Then the police drag him, as if he’s a bag of rotten tomatoes, then whisk and empty his pockets? The man eventually succumbed to the gunshot wounds on his face and has now perished at the Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu.

Click this link to see video

Unknown African Man

What saddened me most was that he didn’t have any identity on him (of course the police took them away from his pockets while he was lying down in pain) and the medics had to tag him “UNKNOWN AFRICAN MAN ” at the morgue, after his demise.

Now what?

Am seeing Kenya falling in to the abyss of violence every bloody-waking Monday. With the successive Monday being more violent and deadly than the precious one.

Am seeing our state turning into a Banana Republic sooner than we anticipated (call me a prophet of doom, but that’s the battleground being created), these battles are like preparation for PEV 2.0 – a Kenya-Has-Fallen kinda movie. Problem is, we are not special effects, and am seeing most of us are gonna be part of the collateral damage from the antagonizing forces.

This must stop. Our neighbors are laughing at us, we are losing business credit, they’d rather stop doing business with us, we’re being isolated, and you Mr President is gonna carry this shame into your old age. You’re still very young, and you have the opportunity to cement your suave attitude with being the big man here, and stop these chaos.

Mr President, your recent visit to Mandera showed Kenyans that YOU’RE NOT ONE OF US! How could you? Just how could you stand before the people of NEP and address them behind a chicken wire mesh fence, and strongly enforced with a barricade of policemen? How did you feel? Like a god? Semi god? God mwitu, maybe. Now I know why you don’t care even if the police who are to protect us seem to be your allies in playing Game of Thrones in real life 3D.

Mr President, may this come to an end. We need to go out every Monday and fend for our families, we need to build our country Kenya, we need to make merry and fill the earth, not lose them as a house built on quick sand.

We don’t trust the IEBC, and that’s why they must go home. IEBC must fall!

My President, just do me one favor.

May the death of the late UNKNOWN AFRICAN MAN not be in vain.

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