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Philanthropist visits Kisumu with a bagful of Goodies


It is not a common practice nowadays to see, find, or even hear about people who have communities at heart, and more so those folks who help drive the local economy of their regions.

An adage goes that “Educate a girl and you educate the whole community”, and it’s so true that if you want to change how a community behaves, reach out to its women and girls, give them the means and enablement to spur growth and development in their families and community at large.

This week, however, a good Samaritan visited the City of Kisumu. Running under the Amsha Mama umbrella, the philanthropist has been meeting the local women at their places of business, supporting them with more resources to spur their growth, inspiring dialogues about cohesion and supporting our very own through RAK – “random acts of kindness”. This has seen at least 5,000 women in Kisumu reached and empowered in this initiative so far.

A happy mama smiles graciously at the Main Stage Kisumu after receiving her goodies from Joe Kariuki
A happy mama smiles graciously at the Main Stage Kisumu after receiving her goodies from Joe Kariuki

We today have seen one mama mboga actually giving out her stock of mboga worth over KShs 1,000 at Kondele to a fellow woman who daily helps her to go start her own business as an entrepreneur. This was an actual moment to behold. This world is still actually full of a few good men (sic) women!

The Amsha Mama campaign aims to uplift women in small-scale businesses and also create business opportunities to women while also giving them a platform to empower each other.

Joe Kariuki – the philanthropist, a non-Kisumu local, is also the CEO of Candy n Candy Records.

Candy n Candy Records – Nairobi based; provides critical information that helps their clients make better decisions about communication through movie & music production, media campaigns, PR, creative design and IT.

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