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Dear Kisumu County Governor Hon. Jack Ranguma


In all humility, I, Moses Oduwa Onyango, I.D. No 13707747, hope this finds you in good health.Β Hon. Jack Ranguma, why are Kisumu artists insisting that you shelve your planned KShs 6 million wall and instead transform the underutilized Kisumu Rotary into a world class OBAT MASIRA SCHOOL OF THEATRE, MUSIC, ARTS AND FILM?

Why are my fellow artists and I so keen on this ?

Why are we still harping on this issue even after you were gracious enough to agree to meet us for over an hour last Wednesday in your office? Perhaps we are ungrateful louts?

Some of our dear friends think we’re in this for the crumbs we can get from the powers that be (they have perfected the game: say bad things about, say, H.E. Ranguma, then they are called aside and given brown envelopes).

I’m doing this because I envision:

  • A Kisumu where Auma from Namba Okana will strut the fashion runways in Milan and Paris.
  • A Kisumu where Achieng from Kopere and Thesalia will wow Broadway with her acting prowess.
  • A Kisumu where Hollywood will shoot blockbuster movies, earning billions for artists and millions in taxed and revenue for the Kisumu County government.
  • A Kisumu whose Fashion Week will attract fashion gurus from the New York Fashion Week.
  • A Kisumu whose Vybez Awards will have corporates physically fighting to sponsor it and identify with the brand.
  • A Kisumu whose Kisumu International Storytelling Festival will attract the Akhan relay narrators and the Ho Chi Minh mime storytellers from Hanoi.
  • A Kisumu whose lakefront marina will have a wonderful walkway stretching from Usoma to Dunga, with sculptures and artworks on display!
  • A Kisumu where street boys will be engaged in highly-mechanized, value added urban farming with technical support from Free Kenya Foundation.
  • A Kisumu where Sauti Sol and Yamoto Band will literally beg to curtain raise for Uzima, CBK and Gabiro.
  • And Kisumu where our girls in Entebbe Hotel and Fanana Bars will be ushers and air hostesses in a Kisumu County owned kisumu Dala Airlines.
  • A Kisumu where MC Steel, Wadera and Edgar will co-host the MAMAs alongside Kabelo of Channel O and Rick Ross! Please come dream with me, Your Excellency.


A copy of our petition is already with the Clerk of the Kisumu County Assembly. All we ask for is 30MIL (20mil for the arts academy and 10mil for a revolving fund for financing art related enterprises). We don’t wish to touch even a shilling of the cash (as long as it is used as planned)

I plead….nay….beg. SO HELP ME GOD!

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