I have read with utmost embarrassment to my country the silly response by Eric Ng’eno, on behalf of the (should be) defunct PSCU. While everything in that release is not worth the high office those children hold, this particular line went a tad too far.

“…An unfortunate effect of Odinga’s crude politics is the undermining of important public institutions. The country cannot afford to sacrifice the credibility of its institutions just to pacify Odinga and stop his tantrums.”

And I will respond.

There must be a spiritual reason why these PSCU children keep aiming at Raila Odinga, and as the Igbo proverb goes; “there are various leaves in the bush, but people go in to look for okazi leaves.”

If there is anyone playing crude politics in this country, the badge of dishonour would effortlessly be awarded to the Jubilee destructive duo. No one else comes close. Because in civility, statesmanship and diplomacy, Raila Odinga is still the leading power today. Where else, in Africa, would you find a ‘nobody’ being swamped with invites to address game-changing global forums on a weekly basis, without end? While your boss is busy accumulating endless debts for the next generation Kenyans to foot, Raila Odinga is on a global tour to smoothen the image of this country whose politico-economic face is currently looking like a bag of spanners. The least show of appreciation you can extend to Raila Odinga for his selfless act of patriotism, therefore, is to shut up your hornbill beaks.

The PSCU should be the cream of communication in this country, yet they keep churning hate-laden releases which are as leaky as my late grandmother’s antiquated sieve. No government, even the one of Abduba Dida, would hire the current bunch oiling their distended bellies with our monies insulting every global figure as they pleases. We understand your obsession with Raila Odinga, because your mediocrity will be the first victim of the new broom under his leadership, next year. The more you worship at the altar of ethnic fanaticism to protect your jobs, the more the bomb of buffoonery will explode in your hands.

Be advised, that the global leader in Raila Odinga is in no mood for small talk. He is not your peer. No instituion in the Presidency & beyond, manned by kids barely scratching their bums, would manage to knock him down from the global pedestal he has been standing on for years. And no amount of confronting the man will sweeten the pill for him to come out of his dignified shell and afford you the undeserved favour of being addressed by the enigma, which you’re excitedly craving for.

You guys keep pulling smelly rabbits out of the hat to deflect the attention of Kenyans from the farce that is the Jubilee government. You can barely point at a finished project one year to your sell-by-date, and here you are toying around with the patience of Kenyans demanding answers why 99% of the university students expelled from Chuka University hail from one ethnic community.

The entire PSCU is a waste of space at State House, and a waste of time for the Presidency.

You are too idle to be professional, too fussy to be taken seriously, too childish to be trusted with state resources. The PSCU has transformed into Jubilee’s number one bug bear, it is time for the Presidency to divest itself from these things that are increasingly impeding its ascent.

While Kenyans are trekking daily to see how we can help this government repair the collapsing economy, this kiddish PSCU, drunk with power – and State House wine – continue to pummel us with nonsensical Facebook press releases taking aim at the last standing doyen of opposition politics. We knew Jubilee promised the youths jobs, but we didnt know these are the kind of youths that would be enlisted to represent our cohort in the highest office in the land. As a youth, by age and deed, and on behalf of all level-headed youths of this country, I would wish to disassociate myself from these hitherto penniless vagabonds currently behaving like a deranged swarm of hornets.

You don’t need to be in the opposition to respect Raila Odinga.

Without this man, you’d still be in the trenches of your measly homes scavenging for wild birds and gathering rotten fruits. You continue playing darts with Raila Odinga’s portrait as the bull’s eye, we shall be here to remind you that a mature eagle feather will forever remain pure.

“The chicken says it looks up when drinking water because what kills it comes from the sky.”

2017 sio mbali sana.

Courtesy Gabriel Oguda via Facebook. 

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