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9 General Etiquette Rules That We Are Guilty of Breaking Unknowingly


Etiquette refers to conventional forms and usages: the rules of etiquette.

Decorum suggests dignity and a sense of what is becoming or appropriate for a person of good breeding: a fine sense of decorum.

When it comes to etiquette rules, many of us can attest to not knowing a number of things; or knowing them and breaking them anyway, just because…

Even if you went to the B-schools of Kenya, you’re probably breaking some of these etiquette rules without knowing:

1. Using the wrong hand to cough or sneeze.

You should always use your left hand to cough or sneeze so that the right hand is free to do other activities such as shake hands.

2. Congratulating the bride.

Did you know that it’s wrong to congratulate the bride?

You should always congratulate the groom for landing himself the bride. As for the bride, congratulating her insinuates that she ‘struggled’ to get a man. Instead, give the bride your best wishes and congratulate the groom.

3. Carrying your handbag.

Ladies, the handbag or clutch should always be on your left hand so that your right hand is unhindered. Drinks should be carried on the left hand too.

4. Passing salt.

While at a dinner table, you should never pass the salt alone; it should always be accompanied by the pepper; even if the person requests for only one.

5. Tucking in the napkin on the shirt collar.

Again while at dinner, unless you’re having a messy meal or really don’t want to soil your clothes, always have the napkin on your lap instead.

6. Making or receiving a phone call in the presence of other people.

Even if you’re waiting in line with strangers, you should always excuse yourself to receive or make a phone call. Always keep the conversation to yourself.

7. Introducing yourself.

You should always introduce yourself by your full name especially at an official set up (at least two if you happen to have more than three) this is because someone could have met more than one Kevin or Jane and needs to differentiate which is which. Well…unless you’re Rihanna, then you need not introduce yourself…oh and by the way, it’s “My name is…” not my names are.

8. Crossing legs.

While in a meeting, ladies, always uncross your legs and if you have to, cross them at the ankles and not at the knees.

9. Using a toothpick after meals.

Always cover your business while using a toothpick after a meal. Do not do it openly for the whole world to see and while you’re through, clean the mess using the table napkin.

Which etiquette rules have you been breaking?

Do you have anything else to add? Write it in the comment box below:
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