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Who then is God, who?


Today, ‘Kenya’ has been invited to thank God.

He (or She) has apparently done something great and ensured that some calamity did not befall our leaders. He (or She) has averted a calamity.

Leaders come from God. Mbadi, Waititu, Millie, Bishop Wanjiru, Chotara, Chepkwony, Duale, Wetangula, Musyoka, Keter, your MCA, your MP, your Governor, Kibaki, Raila, Kenyatta, Samoei, Cardinal Njue, Makaburi, Chase Bank directors, your boss…God dishes out leaders thoughtfully.

He (or She) also wills for children to die of Influenza in Nakuru. God, also, as he averts calamities against Good Leaders, burns people in Naivasha. 11 family members. Locked in from outside. He (or She) burns, burns, burns them totally.

He (or She) does burn people in Kiambaa. In His (or Her) house! Women and children and the disabled. Spears. Machetes. AK47s. Fire. Stones. Armoured vehicles…God has means.

And, also, he makes young men hang themselves on losing SportsPesa gambling shows.

Ni shauri ya Mungu! Mungu aliwapenda sana! Ya Mungu ni mengi! God already planned your fate. Ahsante Mungu! Ahsante sana.

How can it be that God is so contradictory and fractitioned to be too good to bless us with great, amazing, visionary leaders while also too vile to decimate commoners?

How came God wills such bullcrap that he seems to listen to rulers and abhor opposers? She seems to be of this party and not the other party. To be of this church and not the other. To be of this rich and not the other poor! All those who He (or She) called in 2007/8 are happily with Him (or Her) in Heaven!

So today we thank God. For her blessings with the high fuel price. For her guardianship as NYS/Youth Fund and those that we don’t know get looted. For his care as banks become like houses of rats that eat your paper money. For her help for some victims who are more equal than other victims. For giving our country many billionaires, more than all East Africa combined. For keeping Harambee Stars safe. For allowing us as a country to have 2 branded Porsches and a Maybach and one radiotherapy machine in our biggest hospital.

Today we thank God in His (or Her) mysterious ways! For the plethora of preachers – on the streets, parks, televisions, hotels, go-downs, parliament, corridors of power, slums etc. Wannabe preachers, useless preachers, tribal preachers, rich preachers, celeb preachers, female preachers, male preachers, defiler preachers, prophet preachers. These are the gatekeepers of God! Amazing people!

Everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for us. He cannot test us with frustrated and poor teachers in a crap education system without a plan of leading us out of it. She can’t. The Almighty has not forsaken us when S/He puts to our service doctors and nurses lacking in basic tools of care in our hospitals and who get paid sporadically in these our devolved systems. He has a plan. Even our police will be good as we walk through this temptations. Just obey and pray!

Why God in His (or Her) wisdom has chosen for us to be satisfied with our bar raised so low, I do not know. He/she works in mysterious ways. Why we call His/Her name in vain and S/He seems to love it, as if ‘any publicity is good publicity’ to Him/Her, I don’t know.

‘Kenya’ has been invited to thank God today. How we have moulded Him, it seems, we have looked at Her and said, She is Good!

Who, then, is God? I don’t know. It does seem to me however, that God, in His (or Her) generosity, has given us the will to decide God. When God is for us, which dog can be againsr us? When their God is for them, how can our God be against them?

OH DAMN SHAME – it now actually does seem that ‘The voice of the people is the voice of God!’

Eureka, GOD IS PEOPLE! 😲

Courtesy Facebook, by Madiang

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