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Humor: Encounter with a night runner


Last night I get home late 1am, nikakutana na night dancer, completely naked wiping his buttocks on the gate, I wanted to take off but I remembered what Dana told me ati they fear courageous people.

So I act as if I have not seen him and quickly rush to open the small gate but it was locked.

I pull out my fone to call a neighbor jajuok openja ni ya ‘uko kwa Watsapp? yes, I replied.” Nipe number yako “, I gave him. I never knew ni joido be bedga e watsapp, he climbed a nearby tree and came back with an s6 which looked new, he took my number and saved it. 5min later someone opened and very scared I rushed in the house.

20min later…~~~text, to check:

‘hello, its fun out here acha pressure, kuja tujivinjari hapa nje!

Ayaaa huyu night dancer Yawa! When I checked the profile pic it had a tortoise. I switched off the fone immediately.

“But come to think of it, I will make history if I arrest this guy”

While talking to myself. I switch the fone on and I text my neighbors.

“There is a night dancer at the gate, am going to persuade him to come in and once in u guys run out and we grab him”

I came out in my bra and short, jaido jeered@me.

I asked him ‘what’s wrong?’

How do u expect to have fun with clothes on, he replied.

I put off the bra, he started walking away…..but since I really wanted to arrest this guy, an be alonyo suruali and I stayed naked, I had never seen night dancer very happy, he started dancing and I joined him as I was leading him inside the compound.

For over 30min we danced then he brought this ka Nigerian stroke where you wave your hands as you move down and up, I too joined him…

“Am not sober Odiero, am not sober, am not sober because ave taken Guinness x40”

That was the chorus of the song i joined singing as it drizzled over our buttocks.

It now became fun I did a Michael Jackson back slide move, he laughed so loud as he kicked his legs left and right…seconds later the neighbors ran out and instead grabbed and tied me up, I tried to explain everything but in vain…they claim they never saw any night dancer but me.

“Sylvia,in jaido yawa , they kept shouting” attracting a very big crowd.

As u read this the landlord has throw me out of the house with all my things.

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