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In the spirit of Easter


Most of the time, we look forward to the festive seasons for the food. Not that we don’t eat all year until its Christmas or Easter. We do. It’s just different when you sit around a huge table with the people who have you in their hearts. Or those chosen retards you call friends. It can make a Wambui prepared meal tasty. It’s the only time it is remotely possible to ignore that cabbage was served as part of the meal and not the salad. It’s the laughter, the companionship, the unspoken yet obligatory loyalty. You know if there were no rolls of chapatti on the table, these people will still have your back.

It’s the only explanation as to why we are willing to pay double the usual transport and travel miles to see family and catch up. Aside from the fact that we want to know who is dating who, why the next door neighbor is now fat, how the underdog now drives before we decide he/she is illuminati. It’s important to note that you haven’t seen the underdog since four Christmases ago. And that’s enough time to pose nude, acquire several cars and a fuel tank also known as a sponsor. I am a sucker for festivities. I partake in everything and make peace with the toilet later. I have however realized that I am less excited about this Easter.

When I was in school, I loved holidays. Because I was not home all the time striking deals with terrorists (my mother and little sister) over who washes the dishes. I missed them and I enthused about coming home. And when I got home, I felt wanted, appreciated and longed for. Now, I get home and spend five minutes contemplating whether to go in or turn around. Dishes will be the only thing smiling at me and hungry faces waiting for me. Never mind that I do not carry the food with me to work. Being an adult is a trap. It involves less love and modernized slavery I’ll say.

My sister is just happy she wont wake up at dawn come tomorrow. And she is not alone I imagine.

Its a Christian affair and boy are we many.

Its like a one day extension into the weekend and everybody is acting delirious. How desperate are we for a rest. Because I know not that many of us will spend the day tomorrow, drinking water, eating organic foods and watching the passion of Christ on replay. You are probably saying I will knowing you won’t. Jesus did not die for you to lie. Tell the truth. He did invent the wine in which we all plan to indulge in. He didn’t die for you to overdrink. Althogh he might have left the dosage in the tomb.

The Easter holiday is upon us. For whatever reason you celebrate: no work weekday, the food, the merry making, the family gathering, the death and resurrection of Christ. Whatever the reason, I hope you find redemption in the blood shed at calvary. I pray that you find insight as we await the resurrection. Above all else I pray that the resurrection brings you all and your loved ones (even the enemies, because love and hate are two horns on one goat) the love, peace and unity intended by the death of Christ. He died for a lot of things. Your complains about the heat wave was not one of them.

Brave the heat and happy Easter.

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