There are names at whose mention, things get done!

Just one name that can  cost an independent  country its independence. Like Gandhi, Beyonce, Oprah, Zuckerberg, Mayweather and a minoush of others that wield influence the world over. You know you have made it once you are on a one name basis with the entire world. That is arrival people. Forget these armpits of Satan calling themselves “Bootylicious Gracies ule wa Ronga dame wa Jaymo Young Money Cash Money”. By the time I finish reading that name; Lebanon will have a reigning miss world who won the swimsuit category. Yet she wonders why she has twenty seven friends and no pending requests.

Akothee. Just like that. Akothee. There are female musicians and then there is Akothee. Look at the contrast. When Suzanna Owiyo belts a jam, we all sing along. We stand in support, wag our tails, dance to the tune and get lost in the lyrical magic and the sultry voice. When Dela covers Adele’s hallo, we remember the ones that got away and curse life for being so dang unfair. Atemi sings with a voice that requires its own seat in her dressing room. But when Akothee sings people get possessed. Not by demons no, by the energy in her music. Its gyrating and vibrating and booty dancing till the derriere drops. See that’s unfair for the modest posterior some of us are forced to preserve for sitting down. tsk.

Akothee Kenya
Akothee Kenya

The greatness that is Akothee has a new video. It features the undeniably talented Mr. Flavor. It’s titled “Give it to me”. I suspect she is talking to Nigerians since she just recently warned them that she’ll make them spend their money. I like that she is sympathetic. She knows all our money went to a devil called Eurobond so she went to oga brodas.This woman, Akothee.Say what you will but she has a focus that is unparalleled in the cut throat music industry. She is indignant, defiant and headstrong in a game characterized by those very attributes.

She appears in the just released video in a number of outfits. I’m surprised I can count on one hand given that it’s Akothee. In one scene she is in this dress only longer than my stuck out tongue, holding a car and twerking hard. Now look, this lady is lithe and supple, its not like the modest behind will fall off but she will not be needing squats after that gyration.

In an interview with kiss 100 this morning she said some scenes were deleted. According to her fiancé the video was too risqué and did not sit well with him.

He requested that they be deleted. So she deleted him instead.

Let’s take a moment from her female machismo and talk about her hair. Why is it always competing with the Amazon? She appears on screen the first thing you think is, maybe that’s where Czars is hiding. You guys remember Czars? Can we ask Akothee’s saloonist please. Thanks. See her music might not be your cupper but when she thrust onto the scene she was here to shove herself down your throats. She is a mother of five with three men. How she does it is probably a secret well hidden in her mega weaves.

You have to admire her work ethic. While some of the biggest names in the market only dream about working with Diamond Platnumz, she has  that checked off. She has now crossed over to west Africa and charmed her way to the top. She didn’t start with sijui Adekunle Gold, she went all the way up. That’s why she doesn’t have time to play feminine and motherly and ladylike. If you want her to delete her video, you get deleted. Take that Mr. Fiancé. Then again she could be making this stuff up.

The video is not at all dirty let alone explicit. Its set outdoors with younglings dancing pretty well and then there’s herself and flavor. The only part that is club oriented in fact(other than the lyrics of course) is when she holds on to the blue car and backs up into flavor. And that lasts so briefly if you blink you’ll miss it. My issue is how she roughens romance. She has these annoying sound effects. There’s a way she can say mapenzi and ruin it for everybody. Especially Tanzanians who have to endure each other romantically in Swahili. Can you imagine? Nakupenda covers everything in a conversation.

There is no time to say sweet nothing. Such summary of feeling in one word should be sung in at least a falsetto, not a vocal screech, Akothee.

She doesn’t play with her art though. She did a killer collaboration with Diamond that refuses to be forgotten. I found myself googling lyrics. She is now in West Africa with that luscious style and that bodacious attitude. She might just conquer them too. She says give it to me. Be generous yawa.

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