Fun spots to visit with family this Easter

The Easter weekend is almost here.

It is normally time for families to come together. For some it is usually the time of the year to go on holiday. This can be upcountry or sandy beaches.

There is a cadre of people who like spending these days doing recreational spots. The advantage of these spots are they are cheap and accessible to many. These places are spread out within the country. They are usually affordable and can accommodate large number of people at a go.

Uhuru Park Nairobi 

It is close to the central business district. There are several attractions, the artificial lake where you can go on a boat ride and national monuments. The place also has good restaurants where one can have a bite. Face painting, camel rides are some of the common activities here.

Jevanjee Gardens

This too is one of Nairobi’s prime spots for family gatherings, picnics or just relaxing. The garden is open to the public and you don’t have to pay any entry fee.

Bomas of Kenya

It is a tourist village displaying several Kenyan community homesteads. You can experience folk dances, gyrate to the pulsating beats of Kenya’s folk music. For anyone who wants to experience Kenya’s heritage and culture this is a place to be.

Nairobi Safari Walk

For nature and wildlife lovers, taking a walk through here is an exciting experience. The boardwalks allows you to see the wildlife and close to 150 indigenous species of trees.

Mamba Village Mombasa

The crocodile farm is located in Nyali, Mombasa. It is one of the largest crocodile farms in East Africa.

Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa

The recreational park is close to the ocean giving a magnificent view of the ocean, the relaxing cool breeze is something to die for. Enjoy some madafu (coconut fresh juice) an array of Swahili delicacies. For the young ones there are swings, face painting.

The park is open 24 hours with adequate security.

Jomo Kenyatta Grounds Kisumu

It is located in the CBD. The ground has restaurants popular among residents and amusement parks for the kids. It is open to the public and the entry is absolutely free.

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