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Girlfriend, have you registered?



I watched Beatrice Elachi on yesterday’s news and I must say I was impressed. She is a nominated senator for somewhere. (I sound indifferent because I think these uncalled for nominations could reduce our budgetary deficit significantly, it’s nothing personal). I loved her eloquence and the poise with which she responded to journalists. There was a hint of poignant honesty and sincerity, in her message. I realize how I said a politician’s name and the word honesty in the same breath. I do. But there was a thudding message in her words.

I’m paraphrasing of course.

She said, she realizes that they as politicians and legislative influence cannot police voter registration.

She acknowledges that there cannot be a law that forces people to register as voters. The best they can do is sensitize people (women especially) on the need to vote and thereby exercising their civic duty. So that when government comes in to power, we have a voice. We can say, look here big belly, shaggy bearded and corrupt sir, I gave you power to influence change and effectuate progress, not weigh us down with your ever growing stomach. Shape up or ship out in five years. Ok maybe that’s an embellishment of the fact.

The point is that once you exercise your civic duty, you earn complaining and bragging rights. When they get it right you be like “that’s my governor” when they miss and get entangled in 18 million worth of scandal, you get to say “now look at this Denis so and so we gave power only to think it was his action cue to be Denis the menace” hehehe.Seriously though there is less than 24 hours on the clock for you as a girl, a lady a woman or whatever it is you go by to register as a woman. For no other reason than we need to take power into our own hands. In a country marred by wayward politics, corrupt government officials and a host of suspicious business dealings in the name of “tenderpreneurship”, our only shot is in a voter’s card.

This is how we approach this, girls. If you are a woman and you don’t have a voter’s card, you shouldn’t be able to get service. Especially the most essential services. At the saloon for instance, you want to get your hair done? Have you registered? No? Go compete with Karura afro is in anyway. You are in for a wax session, where’s your card? None? Go braid your legs. In for a tweeze, or threading or eyebrow shave? Got a card ma? No? Here’s a styling comb, style your face away. You need to straighten your hair. Not without a voters card. Go crash a pot, take a piece and heat it on fire. Then pass it over your hair. That you don’t have a card for the forthcoming elections in about a year or so is as retrogressive as the above mentioned services. Enjoy madam

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t access the club without a voter’s card. You wanna turn up? How about you show up constitutionally first. Then we can talk. At the chama it’s your turn to get the bounty, we’ll take that and use it to pass an important bill. Since you want to be passive aggressive regarding active politics and national legislation. Go figure. Church is tricky but God is not answering your prayers. Not to spite you but you are sitting on a young persons future out of sheers laziness. And unfounded personal hate.

Perhaps you find no good in the politicians running for office. Maybe you abhor politicians with the same passion Alejandro loves Maria Jose. That makes two of us.However,it doesn’t make it less a responsibility. That you dislike a leader in office or otherwise is a deeply personal issue. But you as a woman and a societal pillar have a civic duty to respect the office enough to have a say in who mans it. I know they are all just sacks of lies, but surely there’s one of them with a set of sweet nothings you can stomach, no? Just register. The deadline is tomorrow. Plenty of hours.

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