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Playful Kisumu


There is a child in all of us. In our personalities, well most of us, there is a kid that just refuses to grow up. We have always read the Harry Potter books. Ten years later. We stop and smile widely at a group of kids playing on the streets. We secretly want to be invited into the bouncing castles on Sunday outings.

Heck we force our way into a hide and seek in the hood. Little thing that make grown folks giddy.

Its Sunday today. A lot of us are going out. We like to christen it as brunch, or family day out. It’s just code for we are tired from the week that’s been and we are not cooking. The maids have their off and mum just got her nails done, dishes will not be touched. Let’s go out shall we?

Everybody is going out. Traffic is insane, both human (not the illegal kind) and on the roads. All roads lead to all over the place. Except for the lazy bones who will just pull out a stool and sit outside the door on the verandah. It’s not for everybody but there is something sensual about a seat out in the sun, chill mode, stories laced with exaggeration, laughter in familiar background and amazing food. This is just life for a modern day urbanite. This might be the case in other neighbourhoods but not Migosi, Route 44 and the mighty Milimani. The cool crowd.

Today Java House, Kisumu will be full. It’s a combination of overexcited spoilt brats, potbellied old men with their overbearing equally satisfied wives, maids running after the kids and an overload of Luo ego. The ego in this place is so palpable it confuses your sense of smell. Because it hangs in the air so much, it clings on your beef burger, it smells different when served. Even your fresh spritzer isn’t as chilled. The air hugging Luo pride has the space heated up. But do we say?

The posers of Kisumu will be hanging around the movie theatre. Planet Media Cinemas movie theatre. They won’t go in these guys and girls, they will just imagine being in the theatre. Nobody goes to the theatre on a Sunday afternoon. Have you no life? But you will find them there. Girls who decked out to make fashion statements, or not. Boys dressed in pants so tight and hanging so low, the devil can pull them down. Colossal fashion fails basically. At the sight of these atrocities in the name of style, your Sunday will be made. Pass by after you get your cold soda.

The best part of a Sunday in Kisumu has to be the Mega City rooftop, – the  amusement park,  forget the intellectual part housing some law school and all the snobbish offices.

This space is like heaven for the young at heart and easy souls. It’s more like a 2016 Garden of Eden for kids. They have the freedom to do all else except the one thing they really want to do: sit with their parents. They have all kinds of activities here. I have a friend who swears by this place on Sunday. She is a kid at heart that one. It’s not much but that’s an adult stance.

Pick up your nephew or niece, balkanise a few neighbour kids into the backseat of your Vitz. Ok Mercedes, Kisumu, Mercedes. Then drive them to the amusement park. Buy everyone a scoop of ice-cream and coins worth sweets. Then send them off. Pay close attention to their faces. You will see the joy in the eyeballs of their look. Then you will understand why Santa lives his life for kids. Despite the hideous suit and embellished beard. For the young at heart and innocent fulfilment. Sundays were made for great sermons, great food, family fun and long evening baths.

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