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Project X

project x

Project X has Kenyans with their undies in a bunch. Twitter is aghast and amazed at the teen organized orgy with the most thought out bylines ever. They are calling it “One night to lose your mind: dudes, girls and all that booze”. If you are in attendance or are planning to RSVP, then remember to carry your own high. The poster says: pills, herbs and booze it’s all legal. Talk about taking license hehehe.

That’s not even the worst part so straighten your face. The intent is spelt out in the words: nobody goes back home a virgin. And there is no full stop after that. Meaning, there is more they just had a word count for a poster allegedly so obscene, it couldn’t be aired on telly during the news bulletin. Now the only excuse you have for being out of the loop on this is if you missed your train from mars to work on earth. It was the morning discussion on all radio stations this seventh day of March. Even Maina Kageni had a different breed of callers. I mean he and his partner in crime discuss classic marriages, not real marriages. Today he had disbelieving siblings, worried aunties and uncles and my favorite callers today, the distraught parents. What a bunch of jokers.

one gentleman called in and he swore that he sees the kind of deeds teenagers engage in today and he cries to God. Owada Nyasaye nyinge rach (Gods name is dragged in the mud is what I am saying). Another one called and said that it amazes him the amount of rot among the younger generation. A lady wanted to burn the person who invented the internet. Then she went ahead to say where she got the information. Like me, on Facebook. Do you see how we contradict ourselves? How we say one thing is so bad it should be declared a global menace. Then the next instant we are lauding the very same thing we were vilifying. Inconsistency of sorts. It can get confusing anyone picking behavioral nuances from their surroundings.

My bone is this though: why are we acting so surprised?

Why are we going to act like these teenagers got their behavior from bad sandwich bread at java? Like they chewed it in a meal or got it as a bad case of a contagious outbreak? Who are we fooling here. Look, we have branches of team Mafisi from continents apart: Rongai to Katwekera. That means objectifying women is a licensed act. Collect your jaw from the floor and sit your puritanical stance in a seat.

We have done to these kids what the women representatives have done to the women of this nation.

Failed them royally. We have trended topics marred with sexual inuendos. We have put a hash tag on every drug abusing event on the face of the planet. Hell we have mentioned the woman who supposedly invented sex on tape our role model. Its not rocket science. Kids will seldom do as told, but will often copy what we do. Simple science. You are not bamboozled; you are heartbroken that these kids will make the same atrocious choices you made only with more voltage. We can’t have a standard way of behavior but take charge of the consequences.

We have glorified sex every chance we get. If you doubt this, try counting the number of high end hookers aka socialites we have hosting events and labeling career women. You will need your toes and the limbs of your entire village. How did they come to be? We trended their nudes in the name of appreciation. Have a glass of water for your dried throat. We collectively wrapped these obscenities and handed them to children by way of smart phones and unsupervised WiFi access. Now you are so gob smack you are literally dying. Stop. What did you think they were doing when they came to you with a rolled joint in hand and you said “not now baby, daddy’s medicating?” They went on the internet and downloaded a trending sex tape, or a crowd of cool kids rolling blunts, or a sickly mix of pretty girls covered in whip cream surrounded by bottles of expensive champagne.

This ladies and gentlemen, is not a first and will not be the last. This is just the first to be so emboldened they took it to the whole world. So have several seats, collect your pulse, chew some gum to relieve you of anxiety, perhaps blink normally and watch what we have been raising with the help of television programming and modern parenting doctrines. Believe it or not, it’s a reality. The ugly bit of it. So deal with it.

My Kisumu parents, is this how and the kind of life/society we are gonna raise our children in? Something gotta give. Let’s guide our kids in moral ways, and they won’t depart from it 🙂

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