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Leo DiCaprio: Of a long wait and good things


Can we all just agree that this year’s Oscars were perhaps the most competitive? That they were all just shades of white and no color is a fact that we have learnt to hash tag and move on by now. I think history would judge us harshly if we did not give credit where it is due. I’m not even talking about the culmination of the event that went down on Sunday. I am only touching on the list of nominees.

Case in point, best actor and actress in a leading role category. I mean the girls always bring it because we rule and handle shit(gospel truth as delivered by Olivia Pope ,thank you very much).The best actor in a leading role was potentially the most competitive this year. It carried the phenomenal talent, Hollywood hotness and male perfection of the film industry in five men. Michael Fassbender was exceptionally good, Bryan Cranston was just amazing. Eddie Redmayne was the archetype of what acting should be. Matt Damon, he killed his role and definitely deserved that nod. Leonardo Dicaprio .Man this man was just magnificent. Did you all watch the revenant? If you didn’t don’t ever talk about career achievement. This was a long overdue acknowledgement spanning decades in the making and boy was it worth the wait.

For those of you who were born during the instagram and YouTube phase, let me educate y’all.Once upon a time, Hollywood had an affectionate, passionate and sincere way of telling stories. There was a particular one in which they collectively poured their hearts, minds and souls into. They executed the true events in a motion picture with an effortless finesse. The movie is Titanic. The lead actor was Leo Dicaprio.A fine man decked in blonde locks, silky skin and a mastery of charm and chivalry of a true gentleman. He might not have been the same in person, but you couldn’t tell. He walked in the shoes of his character wholly. And it resonated with the audience. When he was hurt, we hurt. When he laughed we giggled along. When he cried, tissues went round. Most importantly when he was cold we froze with him. That is what acting has been to this deserving guy. An unrivaled ability to fit perfectly into the life of his characters. Just magic.

Years later, a ton of amazing movies under his belt and five nominations to show for his indubitable work ethic, he proved the entire world wrong. Just when we thought he couldn’t get any better he was beyond better. He was fantastic. He was the Wolf of Wall street .when he howled, the box office crashed and the world froze. He was the menacing character Jordan Belfort fondly (or harshly) known as the Wolf. I didn’t think to watch the movie was a matter of urgency. This was not until some films board in this country decided to hog on entertainment. How are you going to watch a movie from start to minute ninety, count all the curse words, and master the inappropriate scenes to the minute then decide its too vulgar for the rest of us? Just how, are you high? So it was banned. We spent that night downloading the movie and loved it. Talk about involuntary marketing.

Leonardo Dicaprio has had a career in Hollywood spanning close to two decades if not more. In other words, he has been acting since camels were the Rolls Royce of transportation. Forever and then some in lay language. And every time he took to the screens, we were awed. We have loved him since the titanic and it was no different with the Revenant.

Sunday night, he received his first ever academy award after five nominations. He didn’t fall over himself going up the stairs to the stage for his award. He smiled calmly with a hint of excitement. His step had an unusual spring to it .I guess it’s a winners walk. I personally wanted this for him so badly. I’m not sure what I would feel for Hollywood and the academy awards if he didn’t win to be honest. I’m glad I will never know, because he won.

He went up the stage. He was poignant in his speech; he was sincere in his body language. There was joy in his eyes and he looked fine as heaven in his million dollar suit. And for the first time in so many years, he held the golden statue in his hand. I cheered with him and so did a better part of the world.

If you take nothing else from Leo Dicaprio’s win, then take this to Barclays before they exit the African market. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are. Even if the entire world agrees with you. Success takes time, effort an insurmountable portion of tenacity and a lion’s aggression. It could come a decade later and just nominations later, but a time will come and you will have your golden statue. This is proof that with long waits, come golden statues. For actors at least. So keep calm, good things are coming. Kudos Leo. This is what dreams are made of.

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