Kisumu’s @411Society Does it again with O.T.M.

You can take me out of my city but you can’t take my city out of me!

411 Society is a clique formed in 2012, composed of artists based in Kisumu with an aim of inspiring a gradual evolution in hip hop and spreading a message of positivity and good vibes simultaneously.

The group members Cornrows, Obbizzy, Furnace, I’cus, Getty and Ojwok are a team with a mission of innovating creative and artistic ideas that are able to develop a new sound and at the same time be in a position to inform the society.

Thus, give the society a 411. Kinda message!

Tuktuk - 411 Society
Tuktuk – 411 Society

One of their famous music hits Chal Nade took Kisumu City by storm when they did a live electric performance at the 2015 premier KTCA music awards. Since then, they have been the music group in every yuppies mouth in Kisumu.

411 Society are actually a new breed of hiphop mavericks  that brings a new latest type of flow to the hiphop music community. Taking it to another new level, better run for shelter because with 411 society cover won’t help. Euterp type of flow

O.T.M. Music

And now, they just unleashed a new track that is gonna hit the radio waves with a bang. It is kinda creative the way they mash up the meaning of OTM in both Luo and English languages.

In one hand they say On the Map, while on the other they pronounce it as Omera Thum Mit (which means Brother music is dope).

Listen to it to take in their music prowess.

Some of their other notable songs are:

  • The Crowd
  • Lakeside XIII
  • Faith vs Fear
  • Fly Away
  • Level Up
  • No Delay
  • Going Like
  • Money Talks
  • Snaps n Chains
  • Okay to Hate
  • Painful Passion
  • Dreams of a Society
  • Weed, among others
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