I was in Kisumu a while back. And I must submit that this place surprised me. I have always known that it’s more than riotous youth, dark men with noses that aid global warming and women with posteriors that trigger skirmishes. That it could lull me so much into a fantastical reality was however inconceivable. I was ill prepared.

Kisumu is a memory.

Those you do not capture with your phone. You behold them, you relish them, you welcome them in your heart and the close of your being. And these memories are loyal. They refuse to leave you. Even after you have dreamt about them in your slumber, they are alive and unyielding in their profanity.

I now realize what T.E Lawrence meant when he said” all people dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake up to find that it was all vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men (calm down feminist, your breed hadn’t been born yet), these are the ones to look out for, the shiznits.Ok maybe not exactly .The quote ends with the words “for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them possible.”

Kisumu does that to you. It makes you distort quotes. It makes you embellish the most inane details. It makes you embellish the little things to make them flamboyant. Laced in a typical Luo man’s braggadocio. It makes you bejewel even the dullest sculpture and give it character.

Looking at Kisumu today, it’s like wearing rainbow colored sunglasses, pure color. Sheer magic. It’s rejuvenated. It’s more alive now. A little bodacious and downright beatific. The tourism has grown exponentially. We went for a snack, re-tweeted the nonsense we indulge in and there was a shift in this city by the lake. The ethos is palpable and inscribed delicately in the highlights of their ooh so vibrant tourism sector.

Lets explore.

It boasts of a plethora of attractions the lake sitting at the center stage, of course you cannot deny the magnanimity of the Lake Victoria. In Kisumu, you will be forced to acknowledge its stature. The magnificent hotels from Kiboko Bay Resort, the royally architectured Imperial Express Hotel, the flamboyant Pinecone Hotel to Acacia Premier hotel and a long list of amazing resources. Whether built or natural.

There is so much perfection one can absorb at any one time. This lakeside gem overfeeds you with picturesque serenity and an unrivaled ambiance.

You see such beauty in the bird life, architecture, sunsets that are just orgasmic and sunrises that mend broken hearts. If you are from the big city, you begin to wonder and then you start to doubt the reality that is the madness of our Tom Mboya Street. Say you take a newspaper vendor outside Magomano restaurant and take him to Kisumu, would he still remember that headlines are bold enlarged writings on white paper? Methinks not.

Because Kisumu is colorful and to look at life through its eyes is to see in a burst of color that are only on unicorns, candy stores, butterflies and everything that makes you giggle like a tool and twirl like a fool in excitement. This land after Suzanna owiyo’s own heart. If there’s any doubt, go and let the sun tease your skin in its radiant embrace, then we can talk heat. Kisumu ber 🙂


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