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For honesty’s sake


There is a clip this morning that has twitterati up in each other’s face. Well that is the nature of tweeps but today it is testosterone and progesterone overdose to put it lightly.

The clip, which I personally think could have done with a little editing, shows a pilot assaulting a police officer.

Tragic incident I think.

Lest we forget, some time back there was a similar case only this time, it was not a mzungu pilot. It was a random matatu driver who senselessly beat up a police officer. Social media was only half awake that day. Maybe they were hungover from the previous night’s rendezvous. The clip did rounds as does every other clip, necessary or otherwise. Kenyans raised their voices for about a second and a quarter. Some people empathizing with the officer, some condemning the driver and some well, some just sat behind their desks, with poorly balanced breakfast in their hands and laughed at the entire thing. The clip did not trend. After we blinked, it was over and we all moved to Kampala to see the soap opera that is their electoral process. Ooh such little pleasures.

Fast forward to this morning. Kenyans have gone ballistic with gobsmacked expressions, disbelief emojis and the heaviest vocabulary to describe their dismay by the act of the pilot. This is very interesting.

That’s why I need the gang from the lake to weigh in.

Let’s all just put our nets down from fishing, keep the stones for the next Gor match, only come with the enthusiasm with which, you embrace Baba. Don’t forget to carry a dictionary the rest of the world. Kisumu is where weddings are described as prodigious, funerals as utterly melancholic (as if there is an alternative) and we can only hope the queen takes her throne as they describe this diabolical incident. Why are we so mad as Kenyans this morning?

I fully understand that  Nairobians are full time Halloween party makers, which often detaches them from the reality but tell me jokanam ,why is this particular clip so close to our hearts? Granted it is wrong, I couldn’t give half a hoot if you are the human conglomerate of Obama, The Dalai Lama and Oprah,you do  not stand against a police officer, let alone raise a finger against a law enforcer. No. You do not. Man or woman. It is wrong and I hope the Inspector General is  getting to the bottom of it and by  God I hope  President  Uhuru spiraled into a panic mode and yelled at the relevant authorities to just get to the bottom of it for whatever’s sake (I really think he can say that. Cool presidents talk shit he he)

On a serious note though, why are we collectively getting our undies in knots when the same thing happened starring a character from among us and we treated it with such a laissez-faire attitude. This time, history repeats itself with a colorless antagonist and we are shutting down the internet? Are we racist? Do we entertain double standards? Are we just honestly dismayed when rights intrusion is from an outsider but we can contain it if it’s one of us? I refuse to believe we can sink as low as compartmentalizing wrong and ill deeds, but I can only hope. Over to you! 🙂

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