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Which Musical tracks do you play while travelling?

Travelling can be energy sapping leaving you drained, so you need a boost, something to uplift your spirits. As Jovago.com travel advisors gives you a lowdown on what music you can take with you on your next travel expedition.

There is reason many of us take an mp3 player with us when we travel. Music can transport us back home, away from an overcrowded bus, or through a restless night. Music helps us connect to other fellow travelers who might share our taste in songs, and to locals who might not speak our language but can carry the rhythm.

For those of us with gypsy blood, music can speak to who we are and why it is that we can never seem to settle down. Music engenders a desire to see a new place, or to travel simply for the joy of the journey. East Africa offers you some of the choicest music you can carry with you. On your trip you only need to plug in your headphones let the music speak to you!

 Them Mushrooms (Uyoga) Jambo Bwana-Hakuna Matata

The famous and all cheerful tourist song captures Kenya, the hospitality, the wonderful flora and fauna within the borders of the amazing country. These one of those songs which will captivate you and learn your first Swahili Jambo to mean ‘hello’. Remember hakuna matata, it’s all peace here.

 My land is Kenya (Roger Whittaker)

This soulful piece makes you want to travel all round Kenya. Picture the nice warm sunset as your wind down enjoying the cool breeze that Kenya and East Africa has to offer.

 Twende Twende (Eric Wainaina)

Loosely translates to lets go, travel see the wild and all the good things that there is, this side of the world. This should be the perfect motivation for anyone yearning to travel. Grab your bag, get you passport hit the road and enjoy.

 Malaika (Fadhili Williams)

This romantic ballad from the Kenyan coast is blends well if you are going on a travel with your better half. It brings out the romantic feel you have always wished for. It will give you the Swahili feel.

 Taxi driver (Daudi Kabaka)

This song by is about a young man who has to get a cab to go visit his lover so they can have a tour around the world literally. The imagery you have is travelling around having fun whatever you like listening to it will always remind of you something so next time you are planning your travel carry some music with you and kick away the boredom.

Kisumu 100 (Suzanna Owiyo)

This song was produced in the turn of the century, for Kisumu as it was marking a landmark milestone in the history of the town as the first millennium city in the world – declared by United Nations. The song reminds people of the amazing things and places around the lakeside town, it can be an amazing tune in the playlist of anyone traveling to the lakeside town, as they imagine the place before they land herein.

Siro (The Creative Band Kenya)

The Siro Music, as it is locally called in Kisumu is one amazing tune, from an all boys band. The song also epitomises the beauty inherent in the lakeside town, and also informs visitors that all are welcome. It features a story of a woman from Mt Kenya (who historically , her tribe has always been pitted against the Luos). 

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