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You are in a matatu as usual heading to your place of work/business, thanks to the Kenyan matatu culture which is very hard to drop, by the way. So, you take your seat in your most comfortable place, then, reach to your pocket for this tech device – mobophone (smartphone). And just as you start it up to check on the many Whatsapp group messages that are coming in, this guy seated on your left/right is really looking into every message, touchpad/keypad you press, on your phone, as if figuring out what next you are going to write. Some of them even going as far as suggesting to you words/phrases/spelling mistakes you are writing.

“Hey men, this is private property!”

Yes, I’ve been a victim of this snooping tendency from fellow matatu passengers. The question to ask yourself is, WHY can’t they ever stop snooping? Is it idleness? Or just the typical Kenyan matatu culture.

Matatus is so Kenyan as Uber is to the Americans.

Is it idleness of the passengers, or just lack of things to stare at or read in their surroundings or persons? Maybe, not. There are always a lot of stickers on the Matatus, with phrases, or picture banners of hip-hop heads/celebrities from around the world. But this still ain’t enough to keep people glued to information that is being passed around in the matatus from the numerous stickers chocking each other to attract you (the passenger) more.

Well, this is no more. Nemotech is here to introduce to our matatus and PSVs from around the country a new technology that will revolutionize advertising business around Kenya.

Nemotech Advertising Solution


The matatu industry is relied on by millions of Kenyans every day to get from one point to another. Whether you are going to school, to work, to meet up or visit family and friends at whatever time of the day, the most relied on means of getting there is by using a matatu. On average, a minimum of 10 minutes is spent by 1 passenger on each seat per trip for town service matatus and 1 hour for long distance service matatus.

Nemotech therefore, has partnered with matatu SACCOs countrywide to provide a cost effective and reliable outdoor advertising media platform.

“This is achieved by placing our clients’ adverts on the back of each matatu seat to create and enhance visibility unparalleled to none. This can be you!” – From Nemotech website

Nemo2Nemotech wants to keep the advertisers closer to the consumers of their products with information on their faces whenever, wherever they travel. Most of our roadside curbs in major towns are dotted with huge billboards, which most people pass by daily, and still these same people do not spare even a minute to look at, or understand the information its carrying. But with Nemotech ads, the advertiser will be assured of at least 10 minutes of direct contact time and synthesis of the information in the ad stickers. This will have a very huge impression to the advertiser and even translate into new clients/consumers of their products/services.

The Nemotech ad spaces/stickers come in three sizes:


  1. Cub – is a 21 X 14 centimetres PVC sticker put behind each seat of a matatu.
  2. Medium – is a 17 X 14 centimetres PVC sticker put behind each seat of a matatu.
  3. Jumbo – All Through – is an all through PVC sticker put on the inner sides of a matatu

This is a great opportunity for any business owner who wants to put his business out there straight to the eyes of the consumers of their products/or services.

If you are interested in this service you can reach the undersigned through:

Phone: (+254)729 749 420,

Email: info@nemotech.co.ke

Website: http://nemotech.co.ke

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Is Your Business Ready for Society 5.0?