Amazing Kisumu is looking for web-blog content creators/article writers

Would you like to join the Amazing Kisumu cradle as a content creator/article writer? We are currently looking for two content creators who can write 3 articles daily.

Topics/areas to be covered are, and must be about or related to Kisumu:

  1. Society: People/Politics/Family/Health/Relationship/Sex
  2. Street Funk: Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle/Shopping
  3. Tourism: Travel/Places/Outdoors
  4. Culture: History/Music/Arts
  5. Food & Drinks: Restaurants/Bars/Cafes/Groceries
  6. Education: Books/Schools/Career
  7. Business: Employment/Investment/Startups/Technology/Innovation
  8. Recreation: Fitness Clubs/Galleries
  9. Living: Real Estate/Housing/Hotels
  10. Neighborhood: Agriculture/Environment/Security/Energy
  11. Entertainment: Sports/Nightlife/Parties/Movies/Film

This is a long-term position and requires writers who have a good command of the English language.

If interested, please send us three sample articles covering either of these topics: 1, 4, 6, 9 (from the topics list above)


  • Must have a good command of English language
  • Must be social media savvy
  • Must have an eye for detail
  • Must be quick to capture new information fast before it becomes common knowledge

If taken, you will be required to create content articles that must be at most 500 words long.

Those interested to apply by sending an email to

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Amazing Kisumu will pay KShs 100 for every published post on a weekly basis.

Have anything else to add? Write it below:



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