Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, and a wonderful destination for tourists looking to truly experience everything that Kenya has to offer.  With its famous clock tower and several areas of outstanding natural beauty, there’s so much to see and do in Kisumu. But the question is, where can you do your Vacation in Kisumu?

Looking to make Kenya your next vacation destination? Here are some top reasons to make Kisumu your very first port of call:

  1. Visit the Kisumu Museum

When taking their vacations many people overlook the local museums in the destinations they visit, but that would be a massive mistake when you’re in Kisumu. The Kisumu museum is an interesting and informative place to visit, giving you a real insight into the local culture and packed full of interesting artefacts and everyday items used by the people of the region. Outside of the museum you’ll even find a traditional Luo homestead so that you can see how the people of the region used to live; a thatched mud hut for the husband in the middle, and separate houses surrounding it for wives numbers one, two, and three to all live in. If your interests lie less in local culture and more in local wildlife then you’ll also find crocodile and turtle enclosures within the museum where you can see these beautiful creatures up close.

  1. Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

The Kisumu Main Market (Kibuye) is the largest open air market in Kenya, spilling out from its original market place and into the surrounding roads. A walk around this market is truly fascinating! Watch as the locals haggle over the price of fruit, engage with the excitable sellers, and of course choose from an array of weird and wonderful souvenirs to take home with you. Whether you’re looking for traditional Kenyan fabrics, wigs, or the cheapest sandstone sculptures in town, you’ll find it all at the Kisumu Main Market, which is located right by the bus station, making it incredibly easy to find, even for first time visitors to the city.

  1. Take a Boat ride at Dunga Beach

Because Kisumu is a port town, it’s a perfect place to hire a boat and take a ride out on to Lake Victoria. You’ll be able to spot bathing hippos, a wide array of birds, such as fish eagles, egrets, and kingfishers, and plenty of other wildlife too. Alternatively, if you prefer watching boats to sailing in them then why not stand along the shore line as the fishing boats come back into Dunga beach after a hard day of fishing on the waters? Dunga is a fishing community where fishing is the only way of life for many of its residents: head to the Dunga Fish Market to witness the result of this, and see a wider variety of fish for sale than you are ever likely to have seen before!

  1. Witness Wonderful Wildlife

Kenya is famous for its wildlife, and if you were hoping to see some magnificent animals during your trip to the country then you won’t be disappointed during your visit to Kisumu. Head to the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, which is located just three km away from the heart of Kisumu City. As the name suggests, the Sanctuary is a wonderful place to see and walk with Impala, but it is home to so many other animals too. In fact, you can see four of the Big Five animals here: that’s everything except the elephant. The sanctuary is home to 115 different variety of birds and a mixture of both free and captive animals (the caged animals are only here because they faced struggle or difficulty living independently in the wild, and are never captured purely for human entertainment). The free ranging animals include hippos, impalas, zebras and smaller animals such as lizards and mongoose. The captive animals tend to be the larger animals such as the leopard, spotted hyena, monkeys, rhinos, lions and lionesses, and tortoises too.  It’s a wonderful place to see, and you don’t need to have a safari card in order to visit.

  1. Sunset Viewing

If you want to catch breath-taking sunsets, then there’s no better place to catch this. From various spots by the lake: Hippo Point, Dunga Hill Camp, the Yacht Club, up the hill at Riat, you will have a very splendid view of the sunset even as it sets down in the horizons of Lake Victoria. They are sights to behold!

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