The World Is Mine – New single from Kysh

Kysh, one of the Kisumu City’s household names when it comes to arts (read: Music, Fashion, Modeling) has yet again decided to bring something fresh in his music cradle.

IMG_20160114_232209Just last month in the region’s hotly contested Vybez Awards, this agile, gifted and creative musician won the Best Live Performer Award in the award scheme, beating some much established big names in the industry.

And now, it’s just a few days before he drops his latest Single The World Is Mine.

He says;

Am so excited about this track coz its so personal to me and anybody can relate to it. Its my fifth single after Hits likes Eyesore, Right Now, Gimme Gimmie and Free. This Song promises to be a National Anthem and I believe endorsement deals might just come my way 🙂

Produced by Ujoc C and Claster under Bermuda Records, the song talks about the power to own the world and focus on only you and the dreams you believe in.

Kysh at Vybez 2015He adds,

I was told I couldn’t be a singer and that I remain a dancer but I kept going and now the same people are my biggest fans.

I wanna thank all Team Kysh out there as they wait for the release which is in a few days time. He concludes.

Kysh is also part of the local Kisumu artists who are on the road towards the creation of a Kisumu Anthem. Our fingers are crossed on this one 🙂

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