The KTCA 2015 Winners List

And the winners were:

  • Best New Act – Balulu Music
  • Best Dancehall Artist – Brayo Fayta
  • Best Poet /Spoken Word – Hey Dee Mistari Za Wahenga
  • Best Dance Crew – Swagstone Dance Crew
  • Best Music Group – Masterforce Gang Wajukuu
  • Best Music Video – Moneysense By Xpat
  • Best Female Artist – Joyner Mamake
  • Most Promising Artist – Kay C
  • Best Male Artist – Kapweps
  • Best Hip Hop Artist – Yellow Smiley
  • Best Gospel Artist – Himizo
  • Best TV Show – Vipaji Kenya
  • Role Model – Raphael Mahulo
  • Best Producer – Producer Ryezz
  • Best Deejay – Maxx
  • Artist Of The Year – June Rapsha

Congratulations 🙂

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